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Hi (TF135 MY2002 miles 26.000 Italy)
When is recommended to reset the throttle ? Which kind of problems it should solve?
I found two procedures:
1 (french forum) - starting key in position 2 - kick-down accelerator pedal 5 times
2 - starting key in position 2 - 1st step: kick down acc pedal 30 seconds => 2nd step acc pedal up 30 sec => 3rd step acc pedal down 30 sec
Thanks for your advice.
(Do you know that from a french swebite is possble to download car+engine+gearbox free manual ? I did)

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Reason for reseting:-

The throttle has a sensor on it (TPS) that sends a 'voltage' corresponding to its position to the MEMS unit. This tells the computer the current position of the throttle ( I.E. How much throttle you are applying) This enables the MEMS unit to calculate the correct operating parameters ( Fuel/Air mix etc).

It is important the MEMS unit knows the absolute min and maximum input voltage it will see on the full extent of throttle to enable it to correctly know the current position it's in.

Reseting recalibrates this...

Correct procedure is:-

Throttle Position Sensor Re-set
If the throttle body has been recently replaced, or you find that the idle speed is a little on the high side, it may be worth attempting to reset the throttle position sensor (TPS). This is readily achieved by following the following procedure:

  1. Start engine and warm engine to its normal operating temperature (essential, as when cold, the engine requires some extra air/fuel - which on the MGF is managed by the idle air control valve: best not confuse the issue!)
  2. Now turn off the ignition.
  3. Switch on the ignition to position II without starting the engine (all the pre-start warning lights ought to be illuminated)
  4. Depress the throttle pedal to the carpet and fully release inside a period of 30 seconds or so.
  5. Wait for about 15 seconds...
  6. Switch off the ignition

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