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just had a strange problem while driving, I'm thinking its possibly a problem with the IACV but not sure... any ideas...

Revs were sticking once the clutch was dipped around 1500 - but not a throttle body type sticking, they were rising slightly and dropping off slightly constantly and if I revved it, they then stuck at the higher revs (3000) etc. - stopped the engine, started it back up and it really didn't want to start - ran very lumpy for a few seconds and then the revs picked up, and kept going up - had to stop the engine again.... checked all connections to TPS and IACV and they all seem ok... started it up a few seconds later and it started fine but revs still idling around 1500 - 2000 when diping the clutch and its always pulling when in gear.

Any ideas if this could be the IACV messing up, if not any other things come to mind?

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