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Thinking of buying a 216 Coupe

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been looking for a cheap runabout since we sold the Ka and never really considered a coupe until i saw one local to me on autotrader.

it's a 95(n) 216 model in nightfire red with the honda engine and has over 107k on the clock. same owner from 2002 in blackpool i think he said.

looks in decent condition with a few rust spots and stone chips but thats to be expected.

interior is immaculate as well.

i've not driven it as yet but i've heard the engine running and it sounded ok and started up first time. the only issue was a rather high idle which seemed to rise up for a few mins before slowly going back down.

it's up for £690 from a dealer but sold under trade terms so no warranty.

i'm hoping to take it for a drive next week.

has anyone any further advice on this car and what else i should be looking for.

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1/ worry about being from blackpool , imagine the salt its been subjected to there

2/ 216 are a bit ....meh , not really enough go to match the show .

3/ consider a 220 n.asp, about 140bhp and totally bulletproof engine , 220 turbo is pretty hardcore for a runaround and a bit more stressed especially gearboxes , 218vvc is probably best all round package but very very fragile
4/ overall they are all pretty good cars , look for rust on the sills , check the rear ARB hasnt parted company from its mounting , check it has the bag for the roof panels , check the roof panels dont leak and wind noise isnt excessive , check the leccy windows work as they are a nightmare to put right if the cable is snapped , andy
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