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*** Warning ***

I had my drivers side window smashed and my Tom Tom Go 500 stolten from PC World / Currys carpark (Swansea) last saturday.

I was out of the car for about 5 mins while I went to get some CDRW's, and some toe rag who obviously must have needed to flog it on to get his drugs fix, smashed my window, and ripped the cradle and tom tom out. He didn't get the lighter attachment, as it was hard wired in behind the dash.

Nice journey home, in the rain with 2 kids in the back....

Just a warning, to remove it always. I normally do........

Ho Hum, thats life.

Insurance is covering it, but thats not the point

The prat ignored £2500 of works laptop in the boot and a £350 DAB Stereo...... Serves him right (Guessing HIM)
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