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What a bleedin saga.

Bought Intenso's Xpower springs and took them to be fitted. Blokey says I need a Swiss certificate so I go to Eibach website and print off the TUV certificate. Take it back to him he says the MGR0027 markings don't match the certificate which is not a Swiss certificate but a German one. Go to Eibach UK, the lovely ladies there do me a superduper letter saying the ones I have are identical to the TUV certifacate ones. Take this back to the bloke who says I still nedd a swiss certificate. Go to Eibach importer in Switzerland and he says the computer says no (basically coz I did not buy them from him). Go to MG Switz and he says this is not an original MG part so he cannot get a certificate. He tells me to go to the MOT center and ask the techy chaps there. This is very unlikely says me but I stop in anyway this morning and give them all the paper work and gesticulate like a true Brit about how mine are the same as the TUV ones and is there any way I can get mine OKeyed. He goes off for a conference and comes back saying the stamp he has put on the TUV cert now means this is a Swiss Certificate and all is OK to proceed!!!!

I now need to have them fitted, (take off my exhaust and Anacconda's first of course as they too have no Swiss cert) and go for a test before it is certified...

Getting there slowly....
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