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All forums have some basic rules, please ensure you familiarise yourself with them before posting

The Rules

Terms and Conditions for Membership

These forums are privately owned and run. Membership of the forums is not an automatic right of any user and is only granted on the condition that users accept all rules. If these rules are not acceptable to you then please do not use the forums. Any use of the forums is taken as your agreement to the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions and all the rules herein may be subject to change without notice and it is the responsibility of all users to appraise themselves of all updates. To this end it is suggested that you re-read this document regularly.

1. Administration decisions, including moderation, of these forums

1.1). Querying decisions is allowed but only appropriate remarks will be acceptable. No ridiculing or baiting of the moderators or administrators will be tolerated even if you suspect they are in the wrong. If you have an issue with a moderator or any of their posts then raise the matter with an administrator immediately. Any failure to adhere to this rule will be dealt with firmly. Continued abuse of a moderator or administrator will lead to an automatic ban.

1.2). Mistakes by moderators or administrators are inevitable and will be rectified where possible but no assumption should be made by a complaining member that they have been the victim of some injustice and that a decision they disagree with will be overturned.

1.3). All administrators and moderators have TOTAL discretion to moderate posts and reply as they deem appropriate and any post may be edited and/or censored if it is judged appropriate by a moderator or administrator.

1.4). All members, including moderators do NOT have an automatic right to talk about anything and everything on this forum. This forum is a place for motor enthusiasts to talk about subjects relevant to motoring. Not a place to discuss whether they look good in a bra or what the government is doing wrong at the moment.

1.5). Any member may be warned for breaking any rule. Any member may be banned for breaking any rule.

1.6). Any information notices, warnings or bans dispensed by admins or moderators are private matters between the moderation team and the individuals concerned. They must not be discussed publicly in an open forum.

2. Debate And General Conduct

2.1). These forums are a collection of sections which are dedicated to specific criteria and should NOT be considered a place to incite argument or debate which are based on moral, political, philosophical, sexual, ethical, or cultural issues.

2.2). Also these forums are PRIVATE and anyone who attempts to politicise the forums in a post or criticises policies by labelling the administration or policies will be banned.

2.3). Whilst we do not expect you to always agree with the forum staff or indeed each other we do expect ALL members and staff to conduct themselves in a civil manner. This includes treating these forums and decisions made by forum staff with respect. Website Feedback/Questions should be used to raise any issues or concerns members may have in a courteous and polite manner. It is NOT a platform to attempt to discredit or undermine these forums or its staff.

2.4). Any member who posts with intent to demean or discredit these forums may have their access and registration revoked permanently. If it is clear to us that a member is posting with the sole intention of discrediting the staff or forums they may lose their access without recourse to the Information Notice and Warning system.

3. Post counts

3.1). Members should not assume that size is everything. We do not admire high post counts here, but we do honour quality. A high post count does not always indicate that a member is respected for their opinions.

3.2). Spamming or posting gratuitously (i.e. "Repost" or "I agree") to achieve status on these forums is frowned upon and in fact you may have your posts removed if you continue to post along those lines. 'Repost' posts will be allowed if the poster posts a link to the original thread.

4. Post deletions

4.1). Any post which contravenes the rules in any way may be deleted without notice. Do not make attempts to usurp our authority by making the post again. When a post or thread is deleted the poster or thread originator will be sent a private message advising them of the action taken. Please do NOT start new threads asking where a post or thread has gone. If you are in any doubt please PM a moderator.

4.2). Do not spam the forums. This includes posts that deliberately take a thread off topic. We don't want to stifle the banter that takes place but it isn't any fun when a member asks a serious question only to find their thread taken over by members discussing other topics. The odd joke or quip is allowed as long as the thread gets back on topic immediately and remains on topic. Any post considered as spam will be deleted. You will subsequently be warned or banned if you persistently ignoring our guidelines.

5. Posting in the correct sub forum

5.1). We have gone to great lengths to create a structure within these forums that supports discussion and debate of all topics whilst at the same time keeping them manageable. We ask therefore that you always post in the correct sub forum. A brief outline is published under each heading explaining the contents of each sub forum to assist you.

5.2). Posting in the incorrect sub forum adding things like "I know this is in the wrong section but please mods don't move it" will not help your cause and these threads will be moved once identified. We get a significant number of reported post each day telling us that members have posted in the wrong sub forum and placing them in the correct sub forum takes up a lot of the mods time. If you do see a thread in the wrong sub forum please use the report post button to advise us.

5.3). If you believe you have a genuine reason for ignoring the above advice please contact a member of the moderation team explaining your reasons before making such a post and we will try and help.

5.4). Members who persist in doing this will have their threads DELETED rather than moved.

6. Using Private Messages

6.1). You have the option to disable Private Messages and/or email notification but if you choose this option and cannot be contacted then you will not be able to accept notification of any information notices and may be banned for persistent offences of which you are unaware.

6.2). Do not use Private Messages to send serial numbers or illegal software (in the form of text) to another member. This is illegal and you are liable for any consequences.

6.3). Do not use Private Messages to request pirate software or links to pirate software. This includes Rave CD's. When we hear someone is requesting, we will investigate and you will be warned and maybe even banned.

6.4). If a member complains that you are abusing them using Private Messages then this will be investigated and you may be banned.

6.5). If it is felt that you are abusing the use of Private Messages you will not be allowed to send them.

6.6). In the course of investigating allegations of abuse, the administrator and/or their representative(s) reserves the right to examine Private Messages sent between the members involved on the forum.

6.7). Private Messages must not be published on these or any other forums. They must remain private unless the originator of the message has given their explicit approval in writing for the contents to be disclosed.

7. Language

7.1). This is predominantly an English language site and as such we accept no responsibility for the inability of those who have trouble understanding the text on the forums including moderator replies.

7.2). Any post you make must be in English apart from language specific forums but you may accompany it with a translation to another language for certain purposes. This does not mean you can start chats and just translate the whole lot.

7.3). Do NOT use text speak. As previously stated, we speak English here. TXT type messages are often difficult to read and you may have your post deleted if you use TEXT speak.

7.4). The use of profanity is frowned upon on these forums. Search engines use robots to trawl through forums collecting data and previously these forums were once blacklisted for containing adult content. This is something we do not want to happen again. There are swear filters that prevent the use of certain words. The excessive use of swearing or use of alternative spellings or substitute characters such as asterisks to circumvent this rule is NOT acceptable and such posts are liable to be edited upon discovery. If you insist on swearing then simply allow the filters to do their job. Breaching of this rule WILL result in the issue of information notices and warnings and continued breaching WILL RESULT IN A BAN.

8 Specific forums

8.1). General Chat

8.2). Whilst the General Chat area is for non MG Rover related posts - it is NOT an area where adult material of questionable taste will be tolerated. It must also be remembered that children regularly visit this website and please consider this when you post. Although General Chat may appear to be a free for all it is not and it is regularly frequented and managed by Moderators. If a subject is deemed unsuitable it will be removed without warning.

8.3). We encourage members to keep their "General Chat" and "Natter" in this forum. It helps keep the rest of the forums clutter free and facilitates easier searching of threads for such things as technical issues for instance.

8.4) The forum "General Chat" is not indexed so threads in there will NOT be included in any search of the forums. This is to protect the forums as they are constantly scanned by search bots and their thread contents are included in the databases of general web searching engines such as Google and Yahoo. As these forums are a business it is important that we preserve the integrity of them and manage how they are viewed externally. As mentioned in para 6.4 above, these forums were once blacklisted for containing adult content and getting them white listed again is very difficult and time consuming.

8.5). Do NOT post car related threads in General Chat. Posting asking mods not to move it will NOT prevent mods moving them to the correct sub forum and is a waste of everybody's time. If members persist in doing this their threads will be permanently deleted rather than moved.

8.6). Comedy Central

Comedy Central is divided into two sections:

8.7). Work Safe - Jokes that suitable for all to view. They must not contain images, animations or links to material that may cause offense to anybody. In other words, keep it clean.

8.8). Not Work Safe - Basically if you wouldn't view it at work, it probably belongs in here. Images and animations are allowed here as long as they are not deemed indecent. Any material that is deemed indecent or offensive will be removed without warning.

8.9). Computer and Console Gaming Forums

8.10). These forums are for all console and PC owners and we will not tolerate fanboys of any description. Anyone that comes here trashing other manufacturers consoles or its fans will be dealt with firmly.

8.11). Absolutely NO discussions regarding chipping or modifying consoles that would allow members to play backups of games will be tolerated. Neither do we permit discussions on copying games or circumventing copy protection.

9. General Rules

Some of the decisions made over the following rules will, by nature, be subjective. We aim to ensure that the forums remain family friendly throughout.

9.1). No flaming or baiting other members. Attacks on other members will not be tolerated in any way shape or form. We will not tolerate discrimination of our members for any reason including race, sexual orientation, age, gender or religion.

9.2). No sexual references, pornography or unsuitable graphic imagery including links to such materials.

9.3). No use of what is considered obscene language.

9.4). No racist, cultural or religious defamation.

9.5). Do not post links to any illegal sites, in particular software piracy or 'Warez' sites including bulletin boards. This also means no such links should be added to your signature. We do not condone piracy in any way shape or form so please do NOT attempt to discuss such matters on these forums.

9.6). Do not posts links or requests for RAVE or Xpart/MG-Rover EPC CD's. These are copyright material and can be purchased from third party suppliers. Additionally do NOT post extracts from these publications such as diagrams as this is also a breach of copyright. Nor should you discuss Rave or Xpart/MG-Rover EPC CD's.

9.7). Signatures are available for supporters and should be kept to a maximum of either 6 lines of text or if you use a graphic it should no bigger than 450 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall. If you use text and a graphic please remember to reduce the height of the image accordingly. Any signature deemed offensive* may be removed upon discovery and members doing so may lose the right to display one in future.

9.8). Avatars can be used on these forums if you are a supporter and can be no larger than 150 by 150 pixels or 39.1 KB (whichever is smaller). Pictures depicting sexual, racial, cultural, derogatory or religious defamation will not be tolerated. If an avatar is deemed offensive* or unacceptable by the moderation team it will be removed and you may lose your right to display one in future. If you are in any doubt about an avatar please check with a member of the moderation team first.

9.9). These forums do not condone speeding. On public roads it is illegal plain and simple. We take a dim view of members admitting openly that they speed or posting that it is acceptable. Such posts may be removed without warning and the poster may receive an information notice or warning.

9.10). User Titles. No member other than moderators and admins may use a title that implies they are a member of staff on these forums. Any User Title that is deemed offensive* will be removed upon discovery and members doing so may lose the right to display one in future.

9.11). Car Security. Do not post methods of bypassing car security systems. You may feel you are helping members who cannot get into their cars but you may also be helping the very scrotes who would otherwise steal our precious vehicles. We'd hate for somebody to lose their car because somebody learned how to steal it from information contained in these forums! If the moderation team see such posts/threads they will be deleted immediately without notice.

* Offensive means illegal, in poor taste or anything that attempts to usurp the forums or staff.

10. Forum Bans

10.1). Unfortunately there may be occasions where we are forced to ban a member from accessing the forums. Where a member is banned from accessing the forums, be it permanently or temporarily, they are prohibited from using another member’s account to gain access. Should it be discovered that a temporarily banned member is accessing the forums using another member’s account, both accounts will be suspended for a further month and depending on the circumstances both may be suspended indefinitely.

10.2). Any member who is banned either temporarily or permanently is prohibited from creating or using another account to access the forums.

10.3). Any member who allows a permanently banned member to access the forums using their account may have their account suspended indefinitely.

11. Multiple accounts

11.1). Multiple accounts are not allowed on these forums and must NOT be used. Posting using different identities purely to enhance and support your own argument is NOT permitted. Should it be discovered that a member is using multiple identities their accounts may be suspended and they may be banned indefinitely.

12. Posting using another members account

12.1). Members may not use another member’s account to post of these forums. The right to participate in discussions on the forums is granted to the original holder of the account and is not transferable. In the event that you believe somebody has posted using your account please contact a member of the moderation team immediately and this will be investigated. If the moderation team suspect more than one person is posting from a single account they reserve the right to suspend the account until a full investigation has been carried out.

12.2). It is not allowed to sell your account or any part of it either on a permanent or temporary basis. The same applies to members who are supporters. You are not allowed to sell your Supporter status. Anyone found attempting to do either of these may find themselves banned or their supporter status revoked immediately without refund.

13. User Titles

13.1). User titles are those that sit under your user name and by default will say Registered User. This may be changed to any free text you wish with the following exceptions:
  • The text must NOT be offensive
  • The text must NOT be inflammatory or derogatory
  • The text must NOT be manipulated to give the false impression you are a member of staff on these forums i.e. Moderator, Super Moderator or Admin etc.
13. Personal Information

14.1). Harvesting member details. No personal information for any member may be passed on to any third parties including email addresses and contact details. It is expressly forbidden to use these forums to gather such information and any such action shall constitute a breach of the site terms and conditions. If it is discovered that a member has done this we will not hesitate to pass their details on to the necessary authorities.

14.2). Poaching members. It is expressly forbidden to use these forums to poach members for forums that reside off this site. This includes the use of private messages for such a purpose. If you are in doubt please contact a member of the admin team in the first instance.

15) Information Notices and Warning System (Information Notices and Warnings)

15.1). We operate an information system on these forums that is used to notify members should they break the forum rules. We know that most members would not do this intentionally but sadly there will always be those who chose to ignore the rules. The system uses a points system and the more points a member gets the more chance they stand of having their account temporarily inhibited (see para 15.3 below) or in extreme cases, banned.

15.2). There are two types of notifications:
  • Information Notice. This is issued for information only and is used to advise the member that they have breached a rule and that no further action will be taken at this time. A record is kept of the information notice and should the member repeat the offence they may get an Warning.
  • Warning. This is used when either a member repeatedly breaches the forum rules are where it is their first transgression and we know that they were aware of their actions. Under normal circumstances a Warning will be issued after an information notice. Warnings have expiry dates and when a warning expires the points are removed from the members warning point count.
15.3). If however you amass enough points through warnings your account will be inhibited as stated in para 15.1. Below is a brief summary of the main changes if you are placed on the first restriction profile. If you are a supporter this can have a profound effect on your ability to use these forums:

This is how you may be affected if you are a supporter:
  • The number of PM's you can send and receive will reduce from 255 to 5.
  • You will no longer have access to the 18+ forum.
  • You will no longer be able to start new threads.
  • You will no longer be able to create or vote in polls.
  • You will no longer be able to upload attachments.
  • You will no longer be able to edit your profile.
  • You will no longer be able to upload an avatar.
  • You will no longer be able to have a signature.
15.4). There are other subtle restrictions on forum access and these along with the above will last for the duration the restriction profile.

15.5). Should a member receive further warnings they will move up to an even more heavily restricted profile at which point they will have very limited access to anything. This really is the last chance and should you receive any further warnings you may be banned from these forums for life without any further warning.

15.6). Information Notices and Warnings can only be seen by the member receiving one and the moderation team. Other members will not be able to see them and will not know if you have received one.

16) The Reputation System (This Is Currently Disabled)

17) Selling items on these forums (also see para 18)

17.1). In order to offer items for sale or swap on these forums you must first be a supporter. Details can be found here. Selling on behalf of others is not allowed.

17.2). Items must NOT be advertised or offered for sale outside the For Sale forum.

Here is a summary of the different supporter levels:

  • Supporter
    This is the standard level available to members. Click Here for details and to sign up!

  • Seller
    If you are a NOT a business or selling on behalf of a business and you have some items you wish to sell, this is the option for you. This gives you 4 weeks access to the for sale section. Please note, the standard supporter level has this by default, so you do not need to take out this if you are already a supporter. Click Here for details and to sign up!

  • Trader
    If you sell a lot of items, this level is for you. The benefits are in line with the standard supporter, but you can also sell as much as you want through the forums. You also get an entry in the forthcoming Trader Directory section of the site. Please Contact Us for pricing and details!

  • Trader (Monthly)
    Same as Trader, but payable monthly. Please Contact Us for pricing and details!

  • Trader+
    As per trader, but you also get a banner advert added into rotation on the website for 12 months. Please Contact Us for pricing and details!

  • Forum Sponsor
    Fancy sponsoring a forum on Contact us first before you subscribe to this service to check availability, but this subscription will allow you to sponsor a forum, with your name and a banner shown when the forum is viewed. Please Contact Us for pricing and details!
18) Buying items on the forums

18.1). Buying items on any forum can be a tricky and risky business. It goes without saying that you should look into the seller before making any purchase. Try to satisfy yourself that they are a reputable seller and check for feedback in any previous for sale threads. Don't be afraid to approach the seller and ask questions for clarification. Remember, be polite and explain your request clearly. The owner and staff of these forums cannot guarantee any sale on the forums. All transactions are between the seller and purchaser. Ensure you understand the method of delivery. Does the seller offer tracking? If not, why not? Proof of postage can be obtained for small items from the Post Office and whilst that does not insure the goods in the event of loss or damage it at least provides evidence the item(s) have been sent. Ask the seller for a tracking number so that you can track the item(s) progress. Ask the seller for a landline number and speak to them before making any payment to satisfy yourself that the item(s) are what you expect. Traders may offer you a mobile number instead of a landline and this is to be expected. Any reputable seller should have no trouble giving you their landline number and as a buyer you then have an assured method of contact should something go wrong.

18.2). Payments

18.3). While some sellers only want cash or a money order, most sellers will accept PayPal and this should probably be your preferred method of payment. PayPal allows you to keep track of your payment and it does offer you recourse if there is a problem. When you are ready to buy, have the seller send you a payment request for the agreed upon amount to your PayPal account and then pay. If you do agree to buy with a money order, make sure that you really trust the seller because once the money is sent you have no easy way to get your money back if the seller doesn't ship you the promised item(s).

18.4). Never make a payment with PayPal as a "GIFT". PayPal will not be able to offer you buyer protection if you make the payment as a "GIFT". If the seller refuses, you may wish to back away from the transaction as they may have something to hide. All sellers should factor PayPal fees into their asking price and therefore have nothing to hide.

18.5). Tracking Your Purchase

18.6). Since you already requested a tracking number, you should be able to follow your purchase's progress as it's shipped to you. Once your package comes, make sure that it's as the seller described and then be sure to leave the seller some positive feedback in the appropriate thread. If there are issues with the item(s) please try to resolve them off the forums before diving in and attacking the seller. In my experience most issues can be resolved quite quickly. See below.

18.7). Resolving Problems

18.8). Unfortunately, not every online sale goes off without a hitch. Usually, though, you do have recourse. If the seller doesn't ship your package or gave you something other than what you expected, your first step is to contact the seller and see if they will make things right. If that fails, since you saved all the information about your sale you can file a report with PayPal and see if they can resolve it - this can be a lengthy process but at least you can do it from home.

18.9). If all else fails....

18.10). If you paid by some other method rather than PayPal and you cannot get a reply or satisfactory explanation from the seller, you can contact the police department near to where the seller lives and see if they are willing to go and speak with them. If all else fails, you can file a civil suit, though the cost of that suit may be expensive. It is possible that simply getting served with court papers from the small claims court will encourage the seller to cooperate. We hope it never comes to this.

18.11). Notifying forum staff

18.12). If you reach the point of dispute where you cannot contact the seller or the seller is refusing to budge then please contact a member of the moderation team. They will try to mediate between the seller and the buyer but they have no legal clout. The moderation team will not be able to guarantee a satisfactory outcome as all transactions are personal matters as described above. The moderation teams’ interest is in protecting its members first and foremost.

18.13). Guidelines for selling items

18.14). The guidelines for selling items are the same as those for buying. As stated in para 17 above, in order to sell items you must first and foremost be a Supporter, Seller, Trader, Trader+ or Forum Sponsor. You can only sell items in the appropriate For Sale forums and you must be clear up front about payment methods, tracking, delivery expectations and refunds. We suggest you use the following format:
  • Item(s) for sale: (Insert full detailed description here)
  • Condition: New or used. If used please state the condition i.e. worn or not fully working. If not fully working explain in what way the item(s) are not fully working.
  • Payment method: i.e. PayPal, cash etc.
  • Delivery terms: i.e. courier, Parcel Force etc.
  • Anticipated delivery time after payment: i.e. next day, 2-3 working days
  • Refund policy: State if refunds are available on the item(s) you are selling and the time frame e.g. 7 days from receipt.
  • Are the item(s) fully insured against loss or damage?: You stand more chance of selling your item(s) if you can offer protection to the buyer.
18.15). All Traders and Forum Supporters pay to advertise their businesses and services on these forums. Inevitably there may be occasions where Traders or Forum Supporters are competing for the same trade. In these circumstances neither party shall post in direct competition to another Trader or Forum Supporter in an attempt to undermine or usurp the competition.

If this occurs the offending Trader or Forum Supporter WILL have their posts removed and any further transgression may result in the loss of Trader or Forum Supporter privileges. In the event that such privileges are withdrawn refunds of any unused part of a trader package will be at our discretion.

19) Website promotion, external links and cross promoting.
  • External links. When supplying a response to a question please do not simply post a link to a post or thread that exists on an external forum. We cannot guarantee that external links will remain available as we are not responsible for them and members searching these forums for answers in the future may well miss out. For that reason please try where possible to post your responses in full so that we can continue to build on the knowledge base we already have here. Obviously where this includes "How to's" with images etc it would not be fair to the individual to have their hard work copied and linking to them on here would be more appropriate.

  • Personal Websites. What we don't allow is shameless self promotion, or asking others to promote your site for you. If you want to advertise your site then firstly you must be a supporter. You are then allowed to put a link to your site in your signature.

  • Linking to commercial websites. Linking to your own commercial sites comes under trader rules and you should take out a suitable trader subscription.

    • A commercial site is defined as a site which belongs to a business. e.g. Online Shops, Garage or car related businesses.
    • Online Forums or clubs don't count as commercial entities.
  • Cross forum selling. Trying to sell across the forums is not permitted without the express permission of the admin team and members also need to be a supporter to sell on here. We are always happy to try to work with other forums to get group buys etc going, so just ask us and we'll do what we can.

  • Forum Promotion. Links to external forums are permitted as long as this is not a blatant attempt to poach members away (please see rule 14.2). If you are in any doubt please contact an admin before posting any links.
20) Advertising businesses or services

20.1). Supporters must NOT advertise or promote the services of any person or company in their signature.

If you are a Trade Supporter you can continue to advertise your products and services in your signature.

21) Hobbies

21.1). A hobby is a regular activity or interest that is undertaken for pleasure and NOT as a business. If you have a hobby that you wish to promote on these forums you must first of all be a Supporter. You should then contact a member of the moderation team advising them of the full extent of your hobby. The moderation team will then advise you whether you can be a hobbyist or if you need to become a Trader Supporter.

21.2). A Hobbyist may not advertise any service in their signature nor blatantly step in to offer alternative services where they would be in direct competition with a trader who has already offered their own services. Similarly nor may a hobbyist contact any member via the private messaging system or email to offer such services. Hobbyists may NOT advertise their services on the forums and may only offer their services in the form of a reply to a request for help from another member.

21.2). IMPORTANT NOTE. If the moderation team suspect a hobbyist is actually running a business they reserve the right to withdraw hobbyist status until they are satisfied otherwise.

By using these forums you agree to abide by these rules in their entirety. Claiming ignorance of the rules if challenged will not be accepted. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you are always up to date with their content.

If you wish to discuss any of the above rules then please do so in Website Feedback/Questions.

The above rules were last amended on the 3rd January 2014 @ 13:02

Thank you.
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