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This is our MG TF we bought new in 2004, it’s the cheap 115 MF TF version with a 1600cc engine, it served us well over the years,

Yes we had HGF after only 6 years of ownership with 38K ~ 39K miles on the clock, apart from that it was a pretty reliable car

In 2014 the engine let go for the second time, we were driving home one afternoon and all of a sudden with a big BANG it lost all power,

When I cranked the engine all I could hear from the engine was what sounded like grinding metal and not turn over, I stopped attempting to start the car immediately and called up Green Flag to take us and the car home

When home I called out our regular guy who used to service the MG TF for us, he thought either something with the pistons had given up or (unlikely) the belt had slipped causing the valves to hit the piston heads

Either way it was going to cost us far more to fix the car then the car was worth, so we parked it on our driveway and there it’s stood since 2014, over time I’ve taking off the odd part to use on my Elise

Now I’m in the process of having a double garage built I’ve turned my attention to striping our MG TF down in to spare parts and help keep other MGF/TF’s on the road

I know if I called out the salvage people to take it away for me, they would just end up piling other cars on top of it without much parts taken off, ending up all being crushed

I’ve seen this before when going to local scrap yards in the passed, if parts aren’t taken off cars soon enough the whole car gets crushed,

Till my garage is up I don’t know when I’ll be making a start, but fingers crossed sometime in early 2022

I’ve never stripped an MGF/TF before so this should be some fun, I did once strip a Rover 100 to build a kit car but that was 21 years ago
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