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Now then, before we start you must be warned. You're in for a long ass read, and epic amounts of photos.

So anyway, this is the Rover 220SDi.

Here's the current spec of how it stands.
18" Inovit STVI's

MG ZR160 282mm brakes
Black Diamond Discs
Black Diamond Predator Pads

Air Suspension
OMP front strut brace

MG ZR spoiler
MG ZR rear bumper, with heat shield
MG ZR side skirts
MG ZR wing mirrors
Rover BRM orange grille
Rear window tints
Colour coding
MG ZR Trophy rear lights
Angel eye headlights
6K HID's
Clear side repeaters
Leon Cupra R front splitter
Dubmiester pressed plates

BRM interior, converted to fit 5dr
Red carpet
Red leather seats
Additional leather door handles for the rear
Door cards retrimmed to suit
Aluminium dash strip, heater surround and window switch
Red steering wheel
Arm rest
Tailored car mats
Boost gauge

Sony Xplod headunit
Alpine Type R front components, crossovers and tweeters
In Phase rear speakers
2 Polk db124 Subs
JBL amp for subs
JBL amp for other speakers

Tuning box
Open cone induction kit
Front mount intercooler
Free flow backbox - 6"x4" tip
Custom turbo outlet pipe
Custom inlet charge pipe
EGR valve removed
Stage 2 hybrid turbo
Uprated steel caged gearbox bearings and LSD
Fast Road clutch
Stainless coolant tank
Stainless power steering reservoir

Parts to fit
Rear camber shims
Wilwood 4-pot 300mm front brakes

Possible Future Mods
MG ZR front splitter
Finish boot build
Retrim interior parts (roof lining, A, B and C pillars)
Colour code door handles
Smooth boot handle, colour coded
Open mouth upper front grille
Smooth front bumper
Arch extension kit
Disc rear axle
Complete polybushing

Bought it from my uncle back in April 2007. Completely standard car with full service history. 2.0 litre turbo diesel, 105bhp. Not bad as a first car.

So, I had a vision of what I wanted to do to it. Keep it completely standard looking, but as though it had just rolled out the factory. This hasn't happened.

I bought myself some ZR Trophy rear lights, and got hold of a bolt on exhaust tip. Looking back on the car now, it looked awful like this.

Took the orange lenses out of the front indicators. Clear side repeaters. Managed to get myself a set of MG Hairpin alloys. Meshed the upper grille too.

Spent a day going round the scrap yards, and came away with a MK1 ZR kit.

Drove round with it looking like that for months. Eventually got it sprayed, and the odd bits of rust sorted.

Within days, I'd got myself some new headlights.

Few months on, I got myself some PI -35mm lowering springs.

Time for a proper backbox too rather than the bolt on tip.

Got the orange BRM grille for it, that got mixed opinions. Clearly I like it as it's still on now.

Went on a rolling road day. By this time it had got a tuning box, decat, egr removed, open cone air filter, backbox. Managed to get 195lb/ft torque, 157bhp at fly, and 124bhp at the wheels. Impressive for £200 worth of tuning mods.

Then the BRM red leather interior came up the ay after. So had to have it.

And with a week until ISTS 2009, my timing belt snapped :( 5 valves bent. And with no time to get the head repaired, a replacement from the scrap yard was ftted. Worked till 3am on the Thursday, and it eventually ran at 8pm on the Friday, the day we were supposed to go. By 8.30 I had blown the ECU, and thought it was all over. I'd actually blown the earthing point interally, so I earthed the ECU body and it runs.

Along comes the ported inlet manifold, custom turbo outlet pipe, and custom inlet charge pipe.

Front mount intercoooler was next.

Pieced together with odd bits of silicon pipes until the proper ones turned up.

Red pipes turned up...

Unfortunately I then crashed it. Skidded into a kurb and hit the drivers front wheel. Ended up with a smashed steering rack, bent hub assembly, bent driveshaft, bent arms, subframe bent and ripped, smashed alloy. Oh and the chassis ever so slightly bent.

New uprated fast road clutch went in while it was off road.

Eventually got it back on the road after about 2 months. New wheels, new ZR160 brakes, new clutch, and all the bits I bent replaced. Straight to the Hull Motor Show.

Off for a day out fixing a Polo G40

Then onto the drag strip!

Got myself a stage 2 hybrid turbo for it.

Attended a few cruises over that winter. Then decided to change to colour of the wheels, and colour code a few bits.
From this

To this

One of my favorite photo's of it, on the way back from a day at Donnington.

Next was the new gearbox, with steel caged bearings and a LSD.

Around this point, I was getting head lift due to running 26PSI of boost.
Went out and bought a set of ARP headstuds. A brand new ported and polished cylinder head. Along with some uprated injectors, and a decompression plate. Oh, and a new radiator, as mine had expanded quite alot.

The headbolts were so soft they rounded off, so out came the grinder!

Became common that the headgasket would cause problems every 2500 miles. So, 6/7 weeks later, the night before going to Modified Nationals the radiator spung a leak. Rad seal in, Peterborough bound. Bottom of the radiator blow off. Literally.

It sat there all weekend, feeling sorry for itself, while I was extremely ****** off.

Obviously couldn't drive it home like that, so on the back of an AA truck.

Head off again. Gone in the same place, between cylinders 2 and 3 and into the cooling system. Put it down to excessive exhaust manifold pressures due to the hybrid turbo.

Becoming a common sight like this.

Almost built up again

Fuel pump timing out = smoke filled garage

Made it to Cleethorpes show though, rebuilt in a week.

After that I saw the wheels, had to have them. Got them just in time for Hull Motor Show 2010

A week after I went to buy coilovers. Things went tits up on the way there.

Going down the M18, just after picking up my new set of coilovers, the engine suddenly had a loud knocking noise to it. Steam/smoke coming out round the side's of the bonnet and filling the car with it too.

Go to the stage where I had no boost whatsoever. A loud bang was heard, and back to full boost, of 26psi. That quickly decreased again. And I was then struggling to hit 30mph. Not what you want on the M18.

Pulled over, opened the bonnet the find an injector had shot out the head due to a snapped retaining bolt. Released the pressure in the cooling system, and that was just insane. Being a couple of miles from the next junction, which happened to be at Chambers. And not wanting to be stood around waiting for the AA all afternoon, I called Mick. His little 1.2 Corsa pulled the old derv off the motorway until the next junction. At which, the tow rope snapped.

Knowing the engine wasn't in best of conditions, I just drove it home. Temperature gauge touching red almost immediately.

Started stripping it down to find the head gasket popped across cylinders 2 and 3. Later found out after being tested that the ported and polished head was cracked between cylinders 2 and 3, and was as good as scrap. Bit gutted to say the least.

With the engine being rebuild 3 or 4 times already, I thought it was finally time to get rid. So then realised that was a daft thought, and I'd fix it again. A brand new engine was the best route to go with this.

Into the garage we go then, quick photo just after I'd opened the bonnet.

The offending injector.

Bit of a mess made on the underside of the bonnet too!

Few under-bonnet shots.

Close up of the damage.

Untidy engine bay really isn't it?

You can clearly see the bolt snapped and the injector pushed out on this one.

Bonnet needs abit of a polish.



And finally, after taking photo's, talking alot, and drinking tea, the strip down begins!

I'm still trying to work exactly what they were supposed to be doing here.

Ryan and Andi, attempting to get a Latex glove on Andi's head.

It fits! Doesn't he look excited :lol:

Bit more stripped down. Turbo pipes off, front mount intercooler off, injectors out.

Andi, still with that glove on his head.

Timing belts are off, cams out.

And, the heads off!!! Now to inspect the damage.

Head gasket blown between cylinders 2 and 3, again. Exactly the same place as the time before.

Water had gone into the exhaust manifold on cylinders 2 and 3. The exhaust side of the turbo looked similar to this too.

Out the garage for abit

Then all of a sudden I had the mad idea of respraying the engine bay, and this happened.

All masked up, ready for painting.

Then into primer it went.

Gearbox needed abit of a clean up.

Starting to look abit better.

And finally we have a painted engine bay. Not bad for my first spray job.

Anyway, on with building the engine. ARP head studs in place, extrusion measured to spec.

Cylinder head on and all torqued down.

Head on, cams in, rocker cover on. Starting to look more like an engine now!

Andi's happy face.

Got the car on its wheels and out the garage. Ready to turn it round to put the engine in.

Partway through cleaning up the garage. My garage always seems to be a mess once i've been in it

The engine bay, freshly painted, with a few bits bolted back in, and the wiring loom.

The engine, built and ready!

After cleaning a few other bits on the engine, in it goes. Rolled straight in, engine and car at the perfect height to just bolt it on.

Engine mountings going on, and Mick's shiny head.

All bolted in now :D

Front part of the subframe goes on.

the following evening, and Cunni bolting the fan to the radiator.

Myself, extremely dirty, and a little bit excited.

Its Halloween!!! Jennie's pumpkin.

Cunni and me fitting the coolant pipes.

Brand new slam panel fitted as my old one was abit mangled and twisted. Engine bay mostly built up.

Last picture of the build, admittedly not the best route for intercooler pipe work. Didn't want to have to cut the slam panel like last time though.

But it wouldn't start. Spent almost a day getting the fuel pump timing set up properly.

Eventually got it going again. Enjoyed the car running as it should be for a few months, hit a mileage milestone too.

Just as things had settled down, and I was about to fit the coilovers, along came the air suspension.
Saw it, wanted it, bought it, fitted it.

Went to a cruise and it got its photo taken for the FnM/Night Import blog

And most recently, how it stands at the moment.

So, thats the Rover so far. I've most probably forgot something about it to be honest. Owned it almost 4 years now. Few little idea's on what to do next. I'll get there one day.

Wouldn't be where it is today without the epic amounts of help and support I've had from many people. And for that, I thank you!

Comments, critisisms, suggestions etc welcome.


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Do love this car great work fair play for doing something diffrent bet loads of people see the intercooler and think it's a T-Series Turbo

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I'm pleased you've kept with it, as I know you've come close to binning it a few times with the trouble it has give you!

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awesome thread mate you've done a hell of alot of work on your car its good to see the progress :) such a gorgeous car

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Do love this car great work fair play for doing something diffrent bet loads of people see the intercooler and think it's a T-Series Turbo
Yeah the majority of people think its a T-series, until they see the black smoke out the back and hear that it sounds like a tractor :lol:

I'm pleased you've kept with it, as I know you've come close to binning it a few times with the trouble it has give you!
Yeah I've been close so many times.Pleased I've kept it now. That disappearing boost that we spent an afternoon trying to find was the cracked head/head gasket in the end.

i like that a lot! where was the tuning box from btw mate?
I got it from RoverRon. Check out the diesel section for more about them.

awesome thread mate you've done a hell of alot of work on your car its good to see the progress :) such a gorgeous car
Thanks, should look much better once that ZR splitter is on the front.

Fitted my brand new wings today, ready for the Fast Show in the morning.

It's gleaming :D

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Dude, you are one crazy mother f*****!! You have balls for taking apart the car/engine!! What a beautiful example of ROVER! you should feel very proud. You need to get a video of the car running? Well done again man, rep for you big time!!!

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That is ridiculously nice mate! :broon: Keep up the good work!! :)

Where did you get the number plates and surrounds from btw?


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omg i love this car have it as the screen saver on my phone!!!!! great build thread as well, i've just come from owning a series of VW's but wrote of my mk2 and just got a R plate 216si and really wanna mod it now........ mrs doesn't understand why....... lol.
will have to show her this site me thinks.....

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Dude, you are one crazy mother f*****!!
I've been called worse :lol:

Where did you get the number plates and surrounds from btw?
The number plates were from Dubmiester. Cost me about £30.

The surrounds were off eBay. I've had people PM me asking, I've searched for them but never seen any more since. Worth keeping an eye out on there though.

omg i love this car have it as the screen saver on my phone!!!!! great build thread as well, i've just come from owning a series of VW's but wrote of my mk2 and just got a R plate 216si and really wanna mod it now........ mrs doesn't understand why....... lol.
will have to show her this site me thinks.....
Never thought anyone but me would have it as their screensaver on their phone :lol:

Moddings like an addiction. Women don't seem to get it, unless they're a petrol head.

I'm sure you can persuade her ;)

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Look how virgin fresh it looked when you first got it.

Reading through the thread reminded me of when Rich Hall was on Top Gear, it's been towed so many times it thinks it's a boat !

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Salon de coiffure

Splendide matin à tous, Pour commencer , donnez-moi la possibilité de vous démontrer ma gratitude pour chacune des super infos que j'ai rencontrées sur cet formidable site. Je ne suis pas sure d'être au bon section mais je n'en ai pas trouvé de meilleure . Je proviens de Charlottetown, canada . J'ai 48 années et j'ai cinq agréables enfants qui sont tous âgés entre huit et 15 années (1 est adopté). J'aime beaucoup les animaux et je fais de mon mieux de leur offrir les concoctions qui leur rendent l'existance plus confortable. Je vous remercie dors et déjà pour toutes les palpitantes débats dans le futur et je vous remercie surtout de votre compréhension pour mon français moins que parfait: ma langue de naissance est le portuguais et j'essaie de m'enseigner mais c'est très ardu ! A la prochaine Arthru

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May I just say very well done !!!

Saw this at the "Ull merter sherr" last year and wondered what was lurking under the bonnet - thought with the FMIC nicely tucked behind the air dam that it must be a T-series ???

Stumbled upon this thread and WOW WOW WOO WAH - I can't believe the transformation!!!

Of all the hardware on show that day I (rover biased) found this the most alluring . Love the BRG and the BRM nose and those white wheels ----oohhh those wheels - me likeeeeee!!!

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