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A couple of weeks ago I was asking for thoughts on my tourer CDTi Conn SE ++ and got some encouraging ideas of what to ask. Many thanks. They all led me to go for just under the £9k, which considering she lacked only remote heating and Satnav, was OK
From ebay I got 2 good calls - one of whom came, saw and bought in 5 mins.
Autotrader got me 9 calls from the usual vermin.

Incidentally, the buyer - a v. nice guy - has put his gleaming W reg CDT saloon Club SE on ebay at, I think, £3700. You could dine off his engine bay!

Although I was only signed up for a few months, I found the forum very helpful and just want to say thanks as I go. But ....I'm peeing on the gatepost too as I go....because I might get another one if I continue to miss it so much !!
Cheers for now!
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