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04 MGTF Sunstorm 135. VW Arteon RLine 2.0 TSi. Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 SE
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The arm was then cleaned with an angle grinder and decreased ready for painting, the M12 threaded bar keeps to shock mount threads clean and is something to hold whist painting the arm.

View attachment 139221 View attachment 139222

Once the paint is dry the new bush was driven home using a section of 40mm thin walled pipe that fits around the rubber part of the new bush and pushes against the outer wall of the bush. The bush is pushed to the internal shoulder.
View attachment 139223

The ABS bracket and bump stop are now reinstalled.

Before reinstalling onto the car, it is advisable to clean out the M12 threads with a tap.

View attachment 139224

View attachment 139225
Looks great Chris - where did you buy the section of 40mm thin walled pipe please?
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