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TF Rear Bumper Grill

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Having looked at the How To for this they all seem to say remove the rear bumper. As I am having the exhaust changed this week can you get access to it with the exhaust out of the way or is it still a remove bumper job?
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you still have to remove the bumper, the grill fits around the tie down loop, thats why it has to come off.
It'll actualy be easier to take bumper off than trying to work around it, it's a really easy removal :)
it's a really easy removal
+1 but providing the 2 large bolts that fix to the rear crush boxes come loose easily. If they don't then chances are it will a replacement crush box time
Nothings ever is easy is it!!

Oh well bumper off too then
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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