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Ok, only got a 5 min break, I thought I would tell you what I thought of the TF I drove yesterday (full road test will appear on a site near you soon! ;) )

Sadly, there is one thing that I didn't like - the effect this will have on residuals!! Ok, perhaps not so much on the N,P,R reg cars, but on the 1 or 2 year old models, I feel it will hammer them. Why buy a year old F for 14K when you can get a new TF for not that much more.

The TF135 I drove only had 100miles on the clock, so it was still rather tight, but none-the-less it was quick, steering response is brilliant, a little too good if you have a non PAS F like me, first turning I made at a roundabout I nearly turned straight into it! A little more weight at slow speeds might be good!

They've also lost the NCT3s in favour of a Continental tyre, which is very, very good. Almost as good as the F1! Handling was spot on, ride was very good too, it didn't seem that different to the ride of a Tech-Speed setup, compared to the Trophy (I also drove one yesterday) the TF was in a different league, the Trophy setup really is poor compared to the TF. There was one stretch of very uneven road, the TF could comfortably do 40, the Trophy couldn't do more than 20 without shaking us to bits :

The brakes were very good too and these were the standard TF brakes! Not the AP setup.

Only downside was the 135's tick over was noticably uneven, a drawback of the highlift cams no doubt. And the gearshift was a tad on the notchy side, although that may improve as things loosen up a bit.

Overall, very, very good... Time to start saving the pennies for that 160 :)
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