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TD5 Head gasket

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Has any one got any experience of changing the head gasket on a TD5 Discovery or what sort of price I would be looking at to get it done?
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As Dr Dave says, the storm/TD5 engine is quite a complex engine, to strip and rebuild, change headgaskets on, If you damage an injector when taking then out you have to replace all 5, and then have the injectors/brain calibrated for the thing to run. Injectors are £100 a piece. Id have it done by a pro and would not expect much change from about £700-£800 to do.
I have pressure in the header tank just after start up, blowing bubbles.

Its using water.

The heater works when you drive over 60mph, but remains cool at any lower speeds.

I have no oil mixing in the water yet, so am still open to other suggestions, but am drawing a blank with everything keeping pointing me back to the cylinder head.QUOTE]

Yep the does sound like HGF to me, but you could also have a something more serious like a cracked head or cracked block, it's not un comman on this engines.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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