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TD5 Head gasket

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Has any one got any experience of changing the head gasket on a TD5 Discovery or what sort of price I would be looking at to get it done?
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I have pressure in the header tank just after start up, blowing bubbles.

Its using water.

The heater works when you drive over 60mph, but remains cool at any lower speeds.

I have no oil mixing in the water yet, so am still open to other suggestions, but am drawing a blank with everything keeping pointing me back to the cylinder head.
Correct it could be cracked which in turn still means I would be looking at taking the head off and replacing the head gasket.

Going to check all the water system again to ensure no leaks and the radiator is working correctly, before I commit to it.
K-Seal, Barr's radweld, copper filling stuff that will be thrown at it before removing the head LOL.
Using the V8 Discovery instead at the min. As I've been flat out with clearing stuff out and work.

Had a brief drive in it thou and the temp doesn't alter regardless of how it's driven. Heater still being random. Not 100% on if its using any water it didn't seem to on the brief drive it had.
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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