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I have recently put togther a T4 for less than £1000 & suspect that what I set out below may help some members:
For a 2004 & 2005 model you need:
1) pc running Windows 98. I recommend setting the Network card properties to 10mbps/half-duplex.It will work on XP as well but you must edit the Network card as follows: Device Manager>Properties>Advanced>Link speed & Duplex set to 10mbps/half-duplex. You cannot leave it at auto or the default high speed. There must only
be 1 cd drive set as drive Z and with a network card configured for
TCP/IP protocol alone with a specific IP address of, but
no subnet address and with Workgroup T4 and computer name T4.This may
sound pretty complicated but it is not.If you do not know about
computers, anyone who has set up a pc should be able to do it in 5
mins or less. I did think the T4 only worked on specific laptops (eg: Omitec only use Dell), but this does not seem to be so.
2) The Omitec program known as RDS version 5.06.06: I got this on
Ebay for £100 from a very helpful seller.This is installed on the pc
and afterwards when the pc starts up you only have access to the
Omitec screen, not to Windows anymore. I am about to trial a setup
that avoids this and still give access to Windows as normal, but I
have not yet connected it to the car.
3) The Omitec T4 Data disk. This must be in the pc CD tray and is
read by the pc when doing the T4 tests etc. This contains data for the mg-rover range.I would be surprised if the Land Rover data disk did not work if inserted.
4) A CAT 5 data cable to run from the pc network card to the next
item I describe at 4)
5) The Omitec Docking station.This is a plastic box that has 2 inputs
(mains supply cable & CAT 5 cable) and 2 outlets (T4 probes for
continuity testing etc & the Omitec data cabel to the car).I bought
this from Brown Bros (they are agents for Omitec) for c £650. The Omitec part nos for my 2004 & 2005 Rover 75 cars are:t4 vcsi extension cable=dtc4007b (this is necessary as the adaptor harness will not connect to the docking station); harness - j1962 adaptor red=dtc0065a; docking station = dtc4002b
6) The Omitec Data cable: This is a thick multi core cable about 2
mtrs long with a large Burnby connector at each end. One end slots
into the Docking station and the other into item 7 below.It cost
about £150 from Brown Bros
7) The Omitec Data cable adaptor: This is about 0.5mtrs long with a
Burnby connector at 1 end (to connect to 6) above ) and a male
multipin plug at the other end to connect to the car beneath the
steering wheel on the Rover 75. It cost about £50 from Brown Bros
I have my pc in the house with a long CAT 5 cable (these can be more
than 50 mtrs long without signal loss) and mains extension lead both
running out to the car where I position the Docking Station and
Omitec cables.
As to what the T4 can do, well everything that the dealer can do as
it is exactly what he would have had, albeit without the stand and
supplied laptop.The functionality splits ito several groups ( &
involves addresing the CanBus):
A) Diagnostic Trouble codes: You can locate these, have them
described, repair solutions are proposed then you can clear the code
from the cars ECU. This is the main use and for me prospectively the
real advantage of the unit as the Rover does not enable you (in
common with many other cars) to move around with a testing probe as I
beleive the voltages it may use could damage the low voltage computer
like components that control the car
B) Servicing (Oil/Inspection/Both) resets without havong to try
shorting out the pins on the Diagnostic socket unter the steering
C) Car configuration: This falls into 3 types. 1) If a new ECU has to
be fitted to the car to replace a failed unit the T4 program enables
it to be programmed so as to work with the car (not apparently a very
difficult task). 2) If you had the lower bhp Diesel then with the
upgrade code you could (I imagine) upgrade the engine to the higher
bhp as there is I understand no mechanical component that is added to
the car in this process. 3) You can make changes to the configuration
of the car depending on what electrical components are on the car
(SmartNav is not accommodated on the T4 but stands apart from the
main car ststems so far as I can see) such as Autolocking, but the
range of changes here is not large and would not justify building up
the T4 unit in my view.
I have also got the Rave CD & EPC. I suspect there may be other
dealer information (eg: Service Informations that alerted dealers to
problems in the cars and solutions) and I am trying to get these.
My local dealer a few months ago was selling off its Rover cars as
they came through from the liquidator and the salesmen were saying
that with the large stock of Rovers on the road they would be
servicing them for many years to come. Within 6 months they had
closed down. The Xpart parts supply was also said to be secure, but I
have had problems getting Diesel oil filters from their local outlet.
I do not regret buying the car at all, but neither do I regret my
efforts to make myself self sufficient so far as maintenance is
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