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T4 / Testbook Comms failure with EMS2000 ECU (MG ZS 180)

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Hoping someone can help before I pull out all my remaining hair!!
I've have a T4 system that works fine with my MG TF K4 engines and all other systems, however whenever I connect it to my MG ZS with a KV6 Siemens EMS2000 ECM I always get the attached Communications failure message once I attempt diagnostics and after it has successfully read the ZCS configuration on all modules. It only happens with this car however, my local ex MG R and now independent garage who still have a working T4 is able to read and monitor the ECM and I can read and monitor it with a Pscan without any issues.
I now have 3 laptops, all running Windows XP, one of them being an original standard Dell Latitude. Each have RDS 5.06 loaded and I have genuine disks DST0003, DST0004 and DST0005 and the issue happens regardless of the disk I use.
I see this problem using the Ethernet connected full VCSI dock or a USB connected T4 Lite system and all have the correct cables for their systems.

I can't see what I can be doing wrong especially as the systems work fine with all other controllers on the car using the same cables and connecters so I have to assume this must be a common problem

If anyone else has one of these T4's and seen this problem and knows how to fix it I would be keen to hear from you. If you don't see the same issue and you can read these systems with the T4 I would be keen to know what version of RDS is being used with which vehicle DST disk

Thanks in advance


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