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Hi, long time...
So i scrapped my last 620ti some time ago. due to.. stuff and life.
Still have my "dream engine" parts in the garage but realized that after 10 yrs i will never put it together so i'll sell it instead.

It's a T16 of course.
Lots of work done, welded and reshaped comb. chambers done by Carl Gotby (Swedish tuning legend) to "Cloverleaf" style.
Comp ratio 9.1:1 (Optimized for E85) but would run well on pump high octane at reduced boost/power.
Ported to gasket area on both sides. Mira Cut valve seats.

Estimated 300'ish hp with original T25 turbo, more of course with larger turbo but reduced response/driveability.
My plan was a Borg Warner 6258 that would put it in the 400-450 range.

+1.5mm lift on exhaust + 10 degree longer duration.
+1mm lift on intake, original duration.

Cam wheels:
Adjustable, hard anodized.

New crank from Rimmer bro. when they cleared stock a few years ago.
Dynamically rebalanced together with flywheel and clutch as a set.

Flywheel lightened, Clutch i dont recall exact make but is high performace, 4 paddle type.

Pistons: Wössner forged (New in box)

Rods: Pauter forged (New in box)

Full set of original ARP Head bolts.

Repainted Covers

ALU Parts drum polished

New starter (Never used)

Emerald ECU

Block: 70.000 km on it, clean and blue (Yeah.. well had to mention the colour ;).

Gearbox, 70.000 km as well. Not touched. From the same car as block/head.
Have a complete set of better bearings for it to be fitted.

Lots of other parts too like hoses, brackets, screws as well as AC compressor, radiators, condensor etc..
I'm sure there are things not covered here but please PM or comment and ill try and answer.

No idea what a fair price would be but just the rods + pistons is like €1500 (If they'r even available to order anymore).
Can get any pics or details you want, just send a PM or comment and ill try and get back.

Shipping you need to sort out. Would prefer pick up but it's located mid Sweden so of course i will help with that within reason.

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