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Many thanks to MikeM for all his help, I have now fitted my CD changer and Symphony head.

The instructions on Mikes thread were excellent, but although I removed all my central dash, it wasn't necessary as my Harmony loom disappeared into the dash, not to a plug behind the ashtray. What a pig the cigar lighter connections are!

My problem at the moment is my hands free car phone. As I left the Harmony loom in place, and plugged the new one (VUL100330) into it, I did not have to interfere with the in car phone connections (Nokia). However, whilst the phone cradle still works OK, the Symphony does not mute when it rings or when I call out. Hence I have to turn it off, or turn down the volume. No real big deal, but how do I regain the mute function again? I dont want to interfere with the wires without advice.
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