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:eek:mg2: :eek:mg2: Guys, still in desperate need of help! The power steering saga continues. The car has now been in the garage for 3 weeks and I am still no nearer to gettting it back! Originally the car pulled to the left. Then the power steering light came on and the power steering failed and the EPAS started to tick. The lovely Chris came to check it and the motor on the column has gone!

Went to the garage and supplied them with a column from rover breakers as suggested by you lovely guys. (only place that had a tiltable column)

The problem remains and the garage have swapped an EPAS into it from another car. The light went out for 10 secs and then came back on. The borrowed EPAS has now locked up so the car has a definate fault somewhere. The sparky has 30 years experience and is totally baffled. They can't plug the diagnostics kit in to check the rest of the system out until they get the power steering back on as it shows that there is no fault.

I now need a gin and a bigger hug than last time. Any more ideas greatly appreciated!
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