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OK first of all who did the MOT, the dealer?
If so that MOT is worthless and obviously not worth then paper it's written on. It should not have passed it's test with those tyres on never mind the pads.

I would have an independent MOT done for my own peace of mind because that car is going to kill you if you don't.

If it fails on anything or are given a notification for anything then take it straight back to the dealer as it's not in a road worthy condition.

As for the tyres it looks like the offset is way wrong as the camber is out. The offset should be stamped on the inside of the rim.
The tracking being out won't help either.

Is this car lowered?

Why have you bothered replacing all these things if you only bought it last week. Regardless of what the dealer is telling you it is HIS responsibilty to make sure this car is in a good road worthy condition.
Did the dealer give you a warranty with this motor?

Don't do anything more to this car or you will be blamed for the faults. Get it checked over ASAP.
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