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Some of you will know i have been dismantling a VI for the parts for my restoration - today the donor car was uplifted - being no more than a shell.

I am quids in which is good as it will fund the restoration.

So now it gets serious - ive got loads of parts previous to the donor( mostly cosmetic like the mg zr bumper spoiler, side skirts , trophy lights)

First things first is the mechanicals and as mentioned above it hasnt really moved in 2.5 years apart from the odd turn over - last being 6 weeks ago

My intention ( i have a new battery) is as follows

full blown service by me including al fluids and filters
full coolant flush
renewal of all perishble rubbers ( including both timing belts), fan belts etc

make sure its running ok then

totally overhaul brakes and fit the exhaust.

Des anyone have any thoughts that given its hibernation that i should be renewing anything else ?

ps its got brand new 17" tyres all round and i have two spare as well - the wheels have been rotated every 2 months and fully inflated so i dont envisage any issues there
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