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latest version of slick shift kit by mike satur.

"""""""""""""""""""""quote from mike satur's website""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
Yes we now have available our new version of the ever popular SSK ( slick shift gear change kit) The new SSK 1V is manufactured in-house on our own jigs and fixtures to ensure accurate and precision assembly and now with revised components to give an improved gear change. Some components have been upgraded for competition use and will withstand even the roughest of use.We have made the gear lever out of brushed stainless steel to improve the looks and strength, this could be polished for a chrome effect. The new SSK 1V comes with a unconditional parts replacement warranty if fitted at our workshops.

The SSK 1V comprises a complete replacement gear lever assembly and a gearbox bell crank assembly with 4 new sealed rose joints for the cable ends. Spare rose joints are £7.50 each and can be bought separately for spares although this part has been tested for a 1,000,000 cycle life without showing any significant signs of wear or breakage.

Although we have not had a price increase for this part since it was first developed due to raw material price increases and improved parts specifications we have had to increase the price to £195.00 plus vat (£229.12) We feel this still represents excellent value for money when compared to similar products on the market.

Any back orders will be invoiced at the old price.

Customer comments:
"The Slickshift gear change is everything the magazine reports said it was, smooth, easy and ‘slick’, it feels just as the F’s gear change always should have been, well done Mike another really good product that wasn't that difficult to fit."
"Now that I've had a chance to try out the new gear shift, I'm really happy with it. As you said, it takes a little getting used to because you expect more movement in the gear lever, but it really does make for fast gear changes. In fact I need to exercise a bit of self control otherwise I'll wear out the gear box."

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I have an SSK 1 and it is one of the best things i have done to Scarlet - the change in the feel of the gear shift is stunning and i would strongly recommend one to anyone.

SSK1 is the first generation and is a bit heavy.
SSK2 onwards became lighter in opertation, but tstill retains the 'rifle bolt' type feel.

I say go for it. :D
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