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SRS light is on, and the seat connectors look fine!

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Hey all, I've got the MOT coming up so tried to the standard SRS fix (disconnect/reconnect both seat connectors a couple of times) but this time no luck.

Any suggestions on how I can diagnose where the problem is coming from, or some seasoned advice to point me in the right direction?

I'm also thinking of getting one of those USB OBD readers (my MGF is late 2001 so I think I can use this) - advice on a cost-effective one which you've successfully used would also be appreciated!
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I’d agree the rotary coupler is often to blame. Don’t judge me but come MOT time I have opted to go down the resistor across the terminals route. Its what you do if you have a different non airbag steering wheel fitted. A few years ago I squirted electrical cleaner fluid on all the connections and it’s been fine ever since. Still keep resistor handy just in case though.
2.1 or 2.2 Ohm should do it, you can get a pack from eBay with various sizes from around 2.0. I had to try a few different ones but eventually got it to switch the light off.
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It is an excellent and cheap way to diagnose the SRS system. Mine has been ok for a few years but I keep the resistor in the glove box just in case.
Did the guy you bought it off have a flat nose? seriously most on here (inc me) have no idea what's actually inside them, theory is OK but that's as far as my knowledge goes. I presume there is a cylinder of gas that over time leaks out, is it not possible to have these changed or recharged?
I had a quick look on line and I can get a new drivers air bag for £114 which to me seems about reasonable, but it states they are original MG Rover so does this mean they too are 15/20 years old. Passenger air bags and the seat belt pre-tensioners both seem to be unavailable new so it's SH (dodgy) or recon if available.
They are not gas, it is an explosive that detonates and makes gas very very quickly. My Avensis is having a new bag fitted next week. It is 18 years old but Toyota are still recalling the airbags. Fitting is free.
I think with time the explosive becomes less and less effective and due to the atmosphere around it weakens.
That means the MOT for airbags in cars our age is totally pointless. I have suspected this was the case for a while now as airbags had a sell by date on them. Best not to rely on them going off I suppose.
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