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SRS light is on, and the seat connectors look fine!

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Hey all, I've got the MOT coming up so tried to the standard SRS fix (disconnect/reconnect both seat connectors a couple of times) but this time no luck.

Any suggestions on how I can diagnose where the problem is coming from, or some seasoned advice to point me in the right direction?

I'm also thinking of getting one of those USB OBD readers (my MGF is late 2001 so I think I can use this) - advice on a cost-effective one which you've successfully used would also be appreciated!
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You must have looked at the U Tube vid it nearly led me astray, good luck with the MOT
I said nearly, I watched it prior to removing my steering wheel and thought why has he removed the buttons as they seemed to play no part afterwards. Did some googling and discovered there was no need to remove them so one job saved. Got to say when I did the job it was the first time I have removed an airbag and I was very wary, felt I should have been dressed in a UXB suit!!!
Did you test the continuity of the coupler before fitting? they are a bit fragile so it could still be that.
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Thanks for closure most don't bother, glad you fixed it and shared the knowledge gained. The good thing is many years in the future when your rotary coupler packs up and they then cost £100+ you have one.
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Did the guy you bought it off have a flat nose? seriously most on here (inc me) have no idea what's actually inside them, theory is OK but that's as far as my knowledge goes. I presume there is a cylinder of gas that over time leaks out, is it not possible to have these changed or recharged?
I had a quick look on line and I can get a new drivers air bag for £114 which to me seems about reasonable, but it states they are original MG Rover so does this mean they too are 15/20 years old. Passenger air bags and the seat belt pre-tensioners both seem to be unavailable new so it's SH (dodgy) or recon if available.
Thanks Ray it's as I feared "new" actually means NOS which in this case is rather pertinent so until a viable option arises, if you have a light put the resisters in and drive carefully. The TF was pretty good at crash testing so safer than an early MG with no belts and they are still around.
When I first drove seat belts were not compulsory and no one bothered then it became law, now if I drive just moving the car I feel I will slide off the seat any minute, life is weird.
Thanks for that Man in the Car my car is Jan 02 so could be dodgy, anyone know how to tell? what's the difference in the connectors any pictures or is it something simple like the colour of the plug
If you can remove the SRS system entirely surely that includes the bulb :)
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