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Front Damper & Spring Assembly are Coded Together

HAd to replace the front springs on my 75 since one broke.

Looked under the rear seat for the do not remove sticker giving details of the colour code of the springs required.

Sticker tells me that right spring is PG and left is JG. Now both PG and JG are for springs marked with a dab of green and blue paint. Both come up as the same part number as you would expect.

But why should the left and right spring be given a different code which ends up as the same colour combination ???

What have I missed here ?

Any ideas guys ??
The reference sticker under the rear seat is referring to the Damper AND Front Spring. these assemblies are handed hence the different codes. You will have the same colour coded rated springs on each side.

On the rears, the coding is broken out. This is probably because there are self levelling options, or harder springs for the tourer etc when compared to the saloon.
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