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Hello everyone,

I've looked through previous threads on here about alloy wheel fitment but can't find a satisfactory answer to my query.

I’m looking for a set of 18” or 19” alloys for my Rover 75, something 5 spoke similar to the ones fitted to the 2004 R75 coupe concept. Money is tight so ideally I’m only really looking to spend around £250 on the wheels. I realise that this is a tall order but second hand wheels which fit the bill (usually with a little curbing) do appear every now and then on Ebay.

So I understand that the 75/ZT has a PCD 5x100 an offset of 35>45 and a centre bore of 56.1. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

The only other make of car to match this is the pre brembo Subaru Imprezza/Forester. The Subaru connection does give a wider choice of after market alloys but the choice is still fairly limited. (I was outbid on ebay last month for a set by a fiver gutted!)

A number of VW group models also have a similar fitment except they have a centre bore of 57.1. Ebay is awash with wheels for golf and Audis etc So I’m now thinking that if I could get a 57.1>56.1 spigot ring I could then go for something like the replica Audi RS6 items which are pretty common. They look very similar to those that Peter Stevens put on the 75 coupe concept so I'm sure they'd suit the car aesthetically. I have emailed a few sellers of spigot rings but without any success does anyone know of anywhere that could help?

Cheers, Mark

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