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I have just received what I consider to be SPAM in a PM.

The Ultimate Rally - Summer 2006

The msg tells me about an event in 2006 which will cost $30000 to enter.

This is a first for me, has anybody/everybody else received it? or others?

Surely there is a section on the forum for events? Is it reasonable to bulk send PMs?
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Yeah, I got the same one yesturday, Wondered who would send that, so I just deleated it, Hope I dont get another PM's should be exactly that personnel and sent just to individuals, if u know what I mean,
Bazza said:
It was part of a mass attack on the forums. Steve Childs posted an explanation here.
thnx bazza, i missed that completely. must go to forum home page sometimes.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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