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South - South East Meet

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Hi Guys,

Was just wondering if any of you would be up for trying to organise a meet up between the South & South East guys? Could be a good day out? Find a place inbetween...


Also, while I'm here, any thoughts on the next South Meet? June?
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June will be busy but I may be available, and yeah a meet between the two groups could be good!
Think you'll find the south east meets will continue to be at the halfway house, there is no in between, except motorway services :D
Yeah, I'm off to Download in June so its gonna be a bit awkward, but thought it gave us some idea to get numbers! Well, I'm sure we can sort something with the South-East guys.
I happened to be passing a South East meet one Saturday on my way to East Anglia and called in. Good bunch.

There are places like Ide Hill (near Sevenoaks) or Box Hill (near Dorking) which are reasonably close to main roads without being motorway service areas.

Fortunately "in between" must be south of the Thames, so tunnel tolls won't be needed.
What about the 25th? Saturday @ 13:00?

Can discuss making a joint meet with the south east guys?
Saturdays are good for me if there is something going down.
The White Hart in Brasted High Street (A25) near Sevenoaks is where I used to organise many so called "KENT" meets a few years back. Only about 2 miles from junction 5 on the M25.
Always worth considering,the South East club would need a bit of time to arrange as we do so much this time of year,a decent venue between the two would be good :)
No worries Alan! :)

I just thought it could be something different for both groups! :)

Maybe could plan it for a few months time?

In other news, anyone thought RE: 25th June @ 13:00 for the local meet?
much more going on over on facebook these days, had a great meet the other week with the south lot in the new forest!
That probably means having to get involved with Facebook though. Enjoyable though meeting people is, that is too high a price, I'm afraid.
Yeah I dislike the Facebook setup.

So is anyone up for next Saturday?
That's not how Facebook works but you can stick to the forum if that's what want.
I'll be attending the meets that are organised through the MGR south Facebook group as they are far better for numbers. Nobody is on here anymore.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull out. :(

Crisis at home and needs sorting this weekend. Sorry guys.

Robin, why not post up on here when the facebook guys are organising a meet? We can then merge the 2 together?
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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