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*South Members list* - PLEASE ADD YOUR DETAILS!!

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As title please add your details!! thanks


Username - Real name - Car/s

GucciZS - Brad - Mk2 ZS X-Power grey
Beatonator - Matt - MG ZR 105 MK2
Chrisund123 - Chris - Midnight Blue 2001 (Y reg) Rover 45 TD
Shaunbing - Shaun (or Bing lol) - R reg rover 200, BRG
Warden - Andrew - TF 135 Spark (05MY) XPG
Fathead431 - Robin - Mk1.5ish 2003 Rover 45 1.4 Impression S3
Matt561 - Matt - Rover 45 Impression TD 2.0 2001
Horney - Nick - 2003 X-Power Grey MG ZT+ 135
BizzleZR - Sean (aka Bizzle) - MG ZR+ 105 MK2
Beansontoast - Paul - Grey MK1 ZS
Chris - Chris - TF 160 80th (Pearl Black)
Paula - Paula - TF 135 80th LE Goodwood Green
Ojenkins - Owen - ZR TD+ MK2 purple/blue/orange depends what light it's in lol :)
Flying Banana :petevick: - Bob - ZT 1.8t+ in Sunspot Yellow & ZT 260SE in Mirage Blue (Blue Thunder)
Bugco22 - Ben - Rover 25 GTI x reg tahiti blue
Felpham_ant - Anthony - '53 ZT190 in monogram Typhoon
Paul_zr160 - Paul - Mk1 ZS 180 Solar Red
Drainplug - Steve - MGF Mauve/purple
Kwak636r - Paul - MK1 MG ZS 180
Spikyjames – James - Dark Metallic Blue ZTT 160 & Metallic Red ZS 120+
J70PAUZS - Paul - 2000 Rover 45 ixl TD
Cossie333 - Jack - Red 1999 rover 211
nigglesnush85 – Alan - Rover 25 2.0 diesel
Zrben23 -Ben - Mk1 ZR T16
JDZR - Jon - MG ZR TROPHY SE 105 Ignition blue
tiggerbob - Paul - MG ZR 1.4
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I really need to update this! Will sort this later on guys...

jumbo77 mk1 zr105 solar red
Need to state your actual name please mate
bootydoZS mk1 Zs+ turbo trophy Blue
Need to include your name mate
Need to state your actual name please mate
This ones joined the dark side I'm afraid, bought an Ibiza 1.8t!
Will put in a request for this to be stickied later.
Will put in a request for this to be stickied later.
Already have done.
I also asked to be able to edit the OP when GucciZS disappeared for a while, but I was denied on both accounts :(
Yea same, I know this is going off topic but meh,

I asked if it was possible to get area moderators, so someone from our group could be nominated to edit etc anything in the south section. Apparently they tried that before, and it didn't quite you have to request stickies etc etc etc...but if gucci decides to leave someone will need to copy the info from this thread, to a new one, ask it to get stickied and start like that.

Or he could accidently leave his login details in the inbox of someone...after changing the password to something fun, like bananagrenade :p
I will leave the log in details for one of you guys BUT not leaving the MG/Rover crew anytime soon it seems... Everytime I try and sell it something comes up or causes trouble and this time it's insurance costs!!

They seem to have hiked up by £600 lately! F that I'll stick with the ZS and have a much lower premium thanks

Going to make some enquiries though about some mods (hush hush)

Gucci :)
Have to be a probably at the mo but I'll try, mega busy at the mo!
Arron81 - Arron - zs180 trophy blue from Portsmouth area
should mention im back from the dark side so

james-mg zr 160 black olive
south members list

mick mg-mick-mgtf 135 sunstorm-mgzr 105 mk2
2000 British racing green rover 25 5door

Based on the isle of wight

Is therea group on FB by any chance?
Ian, Isle of Wight, Firefrost 45 and Miami Blue 205 Gti and a Honda CX500.
Is therea group on FB by any chance?
I think there is one setup by an ex-member.

He isn't active around the forums any more.
I will ask the mods if they can update this thread as GucciZS hasn't been around for a while now.
Paul Bishopp 2001 75 v6 conny Wedgewood blue - North Devon
41 - 60 of 65 Posts
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