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Solar Red (CMU) ZR/25 wing mirror caps

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As title, wing mirror caps from my ZR, so will fit 25's and streetwise's too, and I think (not 100% sure, though - check first!) 45's and ZS's.

Painted in Solar Red (colour code CMU), haven't been re-sprayed so they do have a few little chips on them, about 90000 miles worth in fact! :lol:

£10 posted.
Cheers! :broon:
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Hi mate, Dont suppose they would fit an F.

Nope, sorry! That's the old 200 wing mirrors I think. Similar shape, anyway.
Here's a pic. Did try and get a pic of the little stone chips, but my camera ain't that good!

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Bumpety! If someone wants these and the red mk1 25/ZR / 200 dash strip, will do them together for £15.
might take these off you :) would you take£8 posted?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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