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I cannot describe how sick and tired I am of some peoples negative attitude to a great company like MG Rover. My friend laughed when he heard the news that production had stopped, f***king P***k. Blaming their ageing???? model line up. All this has come about by the seeds planted by some of our press.
What hope have they got, I bet if they bought a new model out tommorow the B*******S would hate it. Jeremy Clarkeson ought to feel ashamed for some of his cheap jibes, " I don't want a car that the doors are going to fall off of " what a ****3r. He even got that Suzanna woman to ditch a 75 for a Val Satis......???????? She hates the thing. If I see him in public I will chin him.

I drove the new 1 series, BMW have lost the plot.
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