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Slave Cylinder Partially Disengages Clutch WITHOUT Foot on Pedal

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I have a problem with the slave cylinder on my Rover 600 diesel partially disengaging the clutch even when no foot is on the clutch pedal.

With reference to the 2 photographs below (high resolution versions of the images also attached):

- Photograph A shows how a Rover 600 diesel clutch slave cylinder should look with no foot on the clutch pedal (picture taken of another Rover 600 diesel with a working clutch). As indicated by the dotted line, with the clutch pedal released, the base of the fork on the slave cylinder push-rod should be nearly in line with the top of the bolt head immediately above it.

- Photograph B shows the problem slave cylinder on my Rover 600 diesel. The distance between the 2 dotted lines is about 1cm - the distance by which the slave cylinder has already started disengaging the clutch - without any pressure on the clutch pedal!

Although at start-up - when the transmission is cold - there doesn’t appear to be a problem, however after 30 minutes as the car engine warms up the clutch starts slipping.
Indeed, after 2 hours use, clutch slippage is so bad that it is only possible to move off extremely slowly after stopping; acceleration is negligible.

Initially it was believed that a new clutch would solve the problem … but the clutch and flywheel have now been replaced THREE times. Each time the clutch was replaced a clutch from a different manufacturer or supplier was used.
In addition the clutch pedal and both the master & slave clutch cylinders have been replaced (once) and the clutch fluid renewed.
However in spite of replacing these clutch components the problem persists.

I seem to be chasing my tail on this one and am pretty much out of ideas as to how best to resolve the fault.

Any constructive suggestion will be gratefully received …


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