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Hi Guys

I've got a 2001 Rover 25, just passed 50k. The local Rover dealer suggest £250 for an annual comprehensive service. That's about what I paid about 10 months ago, but it was also 17k miles ago so I want to get it booked in soon but I don't think I can stretch the cash that far at the moment.

As money is really tight I want to see what you people think about getting a non-rover garage to do the service as a cost-cutting measure. It's not my ideal at all but will it make a big difference? If anyone in Bournemouth has any recommendations I would be grateful to hear from them.

Also I've read a few of the nasty stories about cam-belt failure. Rover reckon that next years service will be around £450 and will include the cam belt replacement. I've moved office so my estimated milage for the next 12 months no longer include commuting, so down to about 5k - does that sound ok or is it cutting it fine with getting the cam belt replaced?

Thanks for reading
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