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Took the cabby in today for its regular 6000 mile service. also, to get it ready for the mot next month.

took it up the chuff for 450 quid!!!!!

needed 2 new tyres and front discs & pads! as well as the usual belts change, oil, plugs etc!

also gave me advisorys for the next service, new rad, cv boots and rocker gasket.

need to go out now and pimp me 2 ho's to get me moolah back :eek:

new front discs/pads
2 front tyres (205-40-17)
oil filter
air filter
fuel filter
coolant flush/renew
p/s belt change
fan belt change

said that the rad/rocker gasket and cv boots are fine at the mo, but the rad has a quite a few broken fins, the boots are beginnning to crack/wither, and the rocker cover is weeping slightly, just advisory's at the mo, but will need doing at next service.

must admit tho, other than the the consumables, (tyres, exhaust etc,) it has been a very reliable car (apart from the wire parting company with the coil.) ((any wood to touch anywheres?????))

regarding the rocker gasket, is this common on the k?

still love the old girl, even more the summer is approaching!

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