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This takes a little explaining, and some will know exactly what I'm talking about, and others not. But this is for those people like myself with arthritis in the back and hips.
Initially, I found the seats in the TF very comfortable, however after longer runs my hip ached once I got home, so much so I almost thought I'd have to stick to short trips like 30 mile max. But I found a seat cushion that looked ideal, and after having it in the car now for over a week, and doing several long trips I can confirm its a winner.

The secret of this one is its wedged, and made of memory foam. Its not cheap, but covers the TF seat enough to add softness to the seat edges, where my hips are, and fills that dip that your back falls into over time. The first trip in it my Mrs said she felt she could do more trips with me now, as the seating was much softer. It comes sealed, and once out of the packaging, inflates itself. Time will tell for longevity, but its not an everyday car for me anyway. It adds about 1inch maximum View attachment 137357 View attachment 137357

I'll try and get a picture on them in the car.
Hi is it sensible to have such a low car with an arthritic back and hips? I would be concerned about getting out in case my back locked up if it were me.
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