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Want a temporary car? Something to tide you over whilst your "good" car is being repaired or after a write off?

You are? Good, I've got just the car for you! Its blue, cheap, goes and sometimes it even stops. Do you need to know more?

It's a 5-door Seat Ibiza 1.2l FI, about 99k miles, an MOT till mid-Jan & tax till the end of Jan.

It will probably not get through its next MOT and even if it could I wouldn't bother as its possibly the most hateful car I've ever driven, and I really regret not taking it on a rally and destroying it, which is why I bought it.

The good bits are that its got new front brakes and fresh brake fluid, the hand brake was replaced a few months ago, its got all six wheels as required by law and all the lights work.

The bad bits: the heater fan is amazingly noisy, there is no radio, it leaks oil (but I'll throw in a gallon of cheap oil to keep it going), the head gasket could be on the way out, but it doesn't seem to be a problem at the moment, the front left CV joint is on the way out (you ought to hear it in reverse, the most amazing clicking noise!), oh and its got a dent in the tail gate. Other than that its fine.

The car is currently near Salisbury, but could be seen in Dorset with a bit of notice.

So make me an offer...any offer...PLEASE :)
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