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Sadly, the time has come to part with my beloved MGF. For SALE now!

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As per the title, the sad time has come to part with my beloved MG. I鈥檝e enjoyed every moment of ownership, well, practically every moment 馃槅 but now it鈥檚 time for her to hopefully find a loving new home. I guess you could say that I鈥檝e turned to the dark side in buying a new car - Audi 3.2 Quattro roadster mk2 - and I can鈥檛 keep two cars unfortunately.

Ive had the MG since 2014 roughly. She has had no expense spared on her, lots of things to list below. I鈥檓 kinda hoping that a fellow member may be interested before selling elsewhere so here goes.

The basics.

She is a 2001 MY2000 mk2 1.6 in Stunning Tahiti Blue. She is currently sorn鈥檇 since Oct 21 but garaged. She has MOT till Oct 22 and last MOT passed with zero advisories. She鈥檚 covered only 77k (avg. 3500m per year) and has several owners including myself.

She comes with a factory hard top which is also Tahiti Blue, updated alloys which are in mint condition and are wearing Toyo Proxes all around which are practically as new with little wear.

Interior is in immaculate condition with only some slight wear to the drivers bolster.

2 keys and key fobs. Original owners manual and folio.

Always been maintained and serviced religiously since ownership with no expense spared.

The good stuff - things that have been done etc

Firstly, N series head gasket and strengthened oil rail fitted not long ago by Dave & Kayleigh @ MGRMM along with the usual cambelts etc done along with an uprated aluminium intake manifold fitted November 2019 @ 73,000m - only covered about 4,000m since. This was done as the gasket was starting to show signs but had not failed hence oilways etc were not covered in mayo, I simply did this as a preventative measure before things got worse.

Full stainless steel underfloor coolant pipes, stainless steel coolant rail, numerous hoses replaced, new coolant tank.

Upgraded MTEC drilled and grooved discs with mintex pads all around with little wear. Discs were coated so are pristine.

Exhaust is full stainless steel TT mk7 silencer with Toyosports down pipe and flex section all in mint condition.

52mm throttle body with green cotton performance air filter fitted and trophy air filter box fitted with one hose redirected to passenger side intake.

Ive upgraded the manual mirrors to heated electric colour coded ones, colour coded air intake side vents, colour coded door handles and also fitted a trophy spoiler which was also professionally resprayed in Tahiti Blue.

New centre console trim and dash clock trim fitted.

Mike Satur chrome roll hoops with glass windbreak fitted.

Original MG business class Blaupunkt stereo fitted with MG logo.

OEM front suspension arms (pair) fitted Nov 2020.

New OEM alternator fitted Nov 2020.

New clutch fitted in May 2016 @ around 60,000 miles so loads of life in it.

New gear change cables and updated Mike Satur bell crank fitted.

New Magnecor competition red HT leads, OEM coil packs and Denso Iridium TT plugs.

There is probably a lot more that I鈥檝e forgotten about but I鈥檝e receipts galore to evidence.

The bad bits.

Well, there aren鈥檛 any really. There is some slight rusting on the wings, mainly the drivers side. A bit on the sills - the usual areas on these but pretty damn good for a 22yr old car! - the car has been machine polished by myself to keep it in showroom condition, there may be one or two minor blemishes but you鈥檇 have to look hard to spot them.

Below are some pics.

Vehicle Speedometer Odometer Car Motor vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Vehicle

Car Vehicle Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting

Hood Automotive design Automotive tire Grey Line

Vehicle Car Automotive design Car seat cover Motor vehicle

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Car seat cover

Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Plant Motor vehicle Vehicle Steering part Automotive design

Car Gear shift Vehicle Automotive tire Steering wheel

Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Vehicle registration plate
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As per the title, the sad time has come to part with my beloved MG.
All good things come to an end, another chapter etc. Good luck with you next project, even if you dont have one yet- You will! I outed mine Covid1 - I couldnt justify 3 cars and their batteries going flat- so sold two of them inc the TF.. A year later, i bought a Mini for 拢400. What fun!
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Thanks Pat,

Yeah, I鈥檇 love to keep her but sadly only have a single garage and I wouldn鈥檛 leave neither the MG or new-ish TT outside. The MG has been garaged every night for the last 8yrs, she鈥檚 still in there right now and the TT stays out - shows how much I care for her.

Id love for someone from the forum to be interested in buying and hope she could find a new home with another fellow enthusiast.

I don鈥檛 think I鈥檒l be looking for another project, I wasn鈥檛 when I spotted the MG. I鈥檝e done my bit, enjoyed doing it but time for a change now.

If anyone is interested, drop me a PM or a reply here.

Forgot about the for sale area - more pics available there too and many more for anyone interested

All the very best with this. Keep on with the forum. You never know the moderators may let you post about your new audi? lol
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All the very best with this. Keep on with the forum. You never know the moderators may let you post about your new audi? lol
Thanks mate, and thanks for the help over the years you e given me, I鈥檇 love to keep both, but alas one has to go. Main reason for sale is that I鈥檓 a full time carer for my mum and she couldn鈥檛 get in and out of the MG easily so it required a soft top that was easier for her and the TT fitted the bill. A quick cheeky pic of the new car - hope it鈥檚 not against forum rules showing a non-MG 馃榾

Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle registration plate Vehicle
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Well, just to update鈥..I sadly parted with my MGF a few days ago. 拢2400 was agreed in the end. Not bad really. Sad to see her go but needs must.
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