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  • 1998 Rover 216 Si
  • Mileage: 102,989
  • MoT: due 2 Oct 2009
  • Tax: until 28 Feb 2010
  • More photos: See photobucket gallery

So, after 5 1/2 years and 50,000 miles, it's time to sell my 200. :( Previously much modified (see gallery on this site), I put it back to standard (ish) in 2006.

It's done me proud over the years, but for the last three months or so, it's had a suspect head gasket. Symptoms are water level falling - it takes around 130 miles for it to go from "max" to "min"; a small amount of mayo on the oil filler cap; and an oily layer on top of the coolant. Having said that, it's done around 1,600 miles in this condition, topped up every week, without missing a beat. The temperature gauge has never been above the standard "just below minimum" level in all sorts of traffic and road conditions.

There are no other symptoms - here's a video of it starting up from cold, if you're into that sort of thing.

Any breakdowns in the past?

2004: Typical K-series head gasket failure. Reconditioned cylinder head fitted.
2006: Wouldn't start due to old battery. Replaced the battery, result!

Er, that's it!

How much?

Well, I would get £150 for sending back the tax disc, and I would probably get around £100 for scrap. Looking at the other bits, I'll take offers over £300. If anyone wants to trailer it away I'll send the tax disc back, so in that case it would be offers over £150.

Why are you selling?

New car forces sale. Unfortunately, I'm not able to break it due to space restrictions, and the fact that it's at my parents' house. It must be sold as a complete car.

If nobody on here is interested, I'll scrap it. It would be a shame to do so because it's an excellent runner and the engine still pulls like a train.

Modifications still on the car

  • Pipercross induction kit
  • MG ZR electric door mirrors
  • MG ZR sideskirts
  • Rover heated washer jet kit
  • MGF twin illuminated rear mirror
  • Sony CD tuner + 10 disc changer
  • Sony 150w door speakers
  • Stealth parcel shelf with JBL 6x9 speakers
  • Alloy heater knobs
  • Rover 200 Turbo brake discs
  • MG Rover badges
  • De-oranged front indicators
  • Side strips sprayed silver (a Peugeot colour called Gris Flandres, IIRC)
  • Front fog lights

The bad news

  • One hub cap missing
  • Radio display (top of dash) doesn't work. Steering wheel controls work fine
  • Scrape down both doors, probably from car parks
  • Low speed fan setting doesn't work (probably resistor problem - quite easily fixed)
  • Sunroof rubber trim missing. The rusting is a known fault and I got fed up of the rubber seal getting trapped when sliding the sunroof back, so I binned it.
  • One front foglight bulb needs replacing
  • Radio front panel falls off if road gets too bumpy!
  • Drilled holes on either side of spoiler where I once had an MG ZR spoiler fitted.
  • Rust on both rear wheel arches (see photos)
  • 12v socket doesn't work

Other bits of note

  • Timing belt last changed at 73,200 miles.
  • Last MoT: fuel pipe and rear brake pipes replaced.

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Irate parents wanting rid would preclude this. Sorry!
no problem, looks like such a bargain for whoever gets it, i was trying to convince the girlfriend to get it but picking it up isnt possible, let me know if you change your mind, as you will be able to make more money this way.
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