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Thought i'd share a few tip's on rust proofing a F-T/F. With the recent dry spell I thought it would be wise to Waxoyl my 2002 TF and investigate potential problem areas.

1, Behind the front mud flaps (once removed) you can flex back the wheel arch liner at the front of the sill and find a great mass of damp mud! Wash this out, dry and flood with waxy stuff. Also the mud flaps rub the front underside of the sills to bare metal. Mask area and paint with Hammerite or similar.

2, Remove the rear sidewing vents (between the doors and rear wheel) by prising from the top middle (be carefull). With these out along with the vent mouldings that lie beyond, you can see right inside the sill, again flood this area with a waxy oily type stuff.

3, I found the drain holes in the sills block easily (mine both blocked and filled with water, before adding wax). I drilled an extra hole front and rear on each sill to aid drainage of water. Add these before applying any wax and Hammerite the raw metal.

Obviously do the above in a responsible way to ensure safely and a sound body!!

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When rustproofing my Trophy I found a removable rubber grommet in both front and rear wheel arches allowing access to the entire length of the sills. Very handny for getting the extension probe in there to do a thorough job.

Be warned though, if the drain holes are clear as they should be, you will end up with foul smelling rustproofing fluid running all over the garage floor. The voice of bitter experience talking!

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