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Rover Vitesse 2.0 Turbo

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Howdy :)

I've been offered a Vitesse Turbo for a few quid and would like to know what I'd be getting myself in to...

Its on a J plate, I'm unsure as to the exact shape/model name, but its not a fastback or coupe, and I don't think it has the sport trim. The drive is quite smooth, and there's a fair amount of power to play with. Interior is a little worn, but nothing really bad. One window motor has gone and one is on its way out. Body work seems fine, but I'm far from an expert. Milage was around the 100,000 mark.

Are there any known problems which will cost money to fix? And is there anything else I should know?

Thanks :)

- James
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If they are anything like the SD1 motors the electric windows might revive if you clean up the connectors on the motors, switches and connectors.
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