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Rover Vitesse 2.0 Turbo

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Howdy :)

I've been offered a Vitesse Turbo for a few quid and would like to know what I'd be getting myself in to...

Its on a J plate, I'm unsure as to the exact shape/model name, but its not a fastback or coupe, and I don't think it has the sport trim. The drive is quite smooth, and there's a fair amount of power to play with. Interior is a little worn, but nothing really bad. One window motor has gone and one is on its way out. Body work seems fine, but I'm far from an expert. Milage was around the 100,000 mark.

Are there any known problems which will cost money to fix? And is there anything else I should know?

Thanks :)

- James
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The current owner did say the ABS light comes on now and then, but no fault was apparently found. Is this something to worry about? Could it be dangerous in any way?

Thanks again :)
Hi Andy, nope, I think Richard is right and its the saloon shape.
Nice :)

The one I'm looking at doesn't have the alloys anymore as some kids nicked them :( I'll start my hunt for some cheap replacements asap, but I've got to watch tyre prices...

The Recaro seats aren't too bad, but the owner has a dog who likes to stretch out on the back seats making them a bit grubby, and the dash / carpets needs a good clean too. I was suprised at the condition really.
15"? - I might be interested in them if the price is right, but I might also wait a while and get a nice set of 17s or 18s...
I'm still thinking tbh, Richard... I've got until next Thursday when his new car is being delivered.

The ABS light thing is worrying me slightly also, so I'll have to get those sensors checked out asap - thanks for pointing that out btw.
Thanks again all :D

Does anyone know a rough price on getting the airbags disabled? We've a little one on the way and my wife would like to have him in the front when she's out alone...
hmmm, is it really a case of being that simple? :eek:
Well, I bought the car a couple of days ago and have driven it since. Quite a nice smooth ride, and a good power delivery.

There is a burning oil smell with she is pushed hard, and the back box is blowing a bit, but otherwise ok.

She will be going up on ramps next week at some point to be fully checked over however...
If it turns out to be in resonable condition, I'd happily spend that on her, but with 150,000 miles on the clock there can't be too much life left in the old girl...

And, it might sound silly, but for the price I paid in the end, if I get 6 months out of her I'll be more than happy.

Anyone care to have a guess what I paid??? ;)
Yup, I had it checked out - no airbags :D

I did get a quote from Rover to remove the bags anyway, and was quite surprised when they quoted just £50. VW and others charge up to 4 times this amount...
Richard Moss said:
Well, we paid £250 for our 153,000 mile, 1993 Vitesse (which is in pretty good nick and has working aircon), it passed an MOT first time with no work required (£29) and I have just spent about £80 on head gasket, bolts and sundries.

Total £359.

I guess you probaly paid £200 or so.
Close enough - I got him down to £170 :)
Better late than never - she's been up on the ramps and the outcome is pretty good...

Passenger side top bush has gone.
2 new tyres are needed.
A new back box.

The only problem is the ABS. My mate at the garage was straight up and said he didn't know anything about the sensors and suggested I had it fully tested which I will try to do at some point next week...

The light doesn't even come on when started, so I think the previous owner has removed the bulb from the dash. I'll try to look into this later tonight if possible... ABS is an MOT failure though, so I hope its going to be a quick and simple sensor fix... No scrapyards around here seem to have 800 parts though :(
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