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rover tuners

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does anyone know of any garages etc that tune or transplant rover engines?
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Yes. Some I would use, some I wouldn't.

What are you looking to have done on what engine?
im wanting a tomcat put in
RSM Would be one

I Think there are a few more too, but i know RSM.
walton1231 said:
im wanting a tomcat put in
BTW the Tomcat isnt the engine but the car. I.E Rover 200 Coupe. The engine i assume you mean is the T16 turbo unit.
Sell your coupe and buy a proper coupe turbo. If I need to explain why then you haven't thought it through properly.
I had mine done wiht RSM have had no probs with it very happy with the conversion.

PM George on here 'RSM'

Yep, sell it and buy a Coupe Turbo up front. Will save you thousands.

I would personally go to Andy Nicholls racing if you must go the conversion route. Been one of the (if not THE) top T series modders for years.
Agree with others...if allready got a coupe...sell, get a coupe turbo. Lots about, a very decent one for sale from Horrico in the for sale section to:)
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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