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Rover radio codes - WWW.MGROVERCODES.COM


We supply to the trade & public Rover Radio Codes.

Our Rover Radio Code service is available online or via telephone
you can get the radio code in minutes 7 day's from 9am - 11pm.

Our Rover Radio Code service covers the following vehicles:

Rover 100 | Rover 200 | Rover 400 | Rover 600 | Rover 800

Rover 25 | Rover 45 | Rover 75 | Rover Metro | City Rover

Rover Mini | Rover Streetwise

To get the radio code we will require the 14 digit serial number beginning
with RG, VDCD, VDCR MG, KE, BP, AL & AR this is located on the unit etched into the metal or on a label.
If the CD or Cassette Player is 100% the original in the car we can supply the radio code using the VIN of the
vehicle, this begins with SAXX or SARR this is found in your V5 Registration Document or on the Windscreen.

All Rover Radio Codes are the 'original' code for the Cassette or CD Player
please note that if the unit has been tampered with and the original code
has been changed, our service will be of no use to you.

If you need a Rover Radio Code visit our website or telephone us on
01379 669 375, you can also send us a PM to pre check it for you.


Supporters of this forum get your radio codes from £5 to £12 each
for all Rover Radio Codes with the serial number:

RG - £12 (Within approx 15 minutes)
BP - £5 (Within approx 15 minutes)
MG - £12 (Within approx 15 minutes)
VD - £12 (Within approx 15 minutes)
AR - £5 (Within approx 15 minutes)

Kenwood Radio Codes are also available sameday but cost £23

For non supporters you can still benefit from the same service
but the prices are not the same. Please call for prices.

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