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Rover alloy identification???

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I dont know if yu guys would be able to help me with this mission i am on or not, but here goes anyway.

I bought a set of wheels about a year ago for my mx-5, but they were missing the centre caps, the wheels have no make or anythng on them, all i know is that they were originally fitted to a rover, i do not know what rover, but thats what the seller of the wheels said, i broke the mx5 though, so these are now on my astra, until i fix the 5.

To me, the wheels themselves look very very VERY similar to a tsw stealth, however, on viewing a side on picture of a stealth centre cap its apparent that they are totally different and would never fit as the stealth cap is very up and down around the edge if you know what i mean, where it rises and dips to fit with the shape of the spokes, but my wheels spokes are nowhere near as pronounced once they get that close to the centre, any cap i would need would be practically flat around the edges to fit into the shape.

Then i thought, escort or mondeo si, the wheels themselves are totally different in looks, the ford items have flared ends to the spokes, but the centre cap looks a lot more loke the shape i would need.

Then i looked and thought again, both the stealth and mondeo/escort centres are of the push on type, whereas the wheels i have look like they are supposed to have a bolt securing the caps, which make me think, are these OE rover wheels, but the centre spigot bore size of 73mm makes me not so sure.

My wheels.....


Mondeo/escort 5 spokes.....

Would any of you guys be able to help with my predicament?

Many thanks in advance! :)
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dont look like any rover ones I'm familiar with , if anything the centre cap arrangement looks vauxhall to me , like an old set of calibra alloys I had on a vectra many moons ago , sorry , andy
Never known any Rover alloy wheels to have a screw or bolt fixing for the centre caps.

The wavey pattern of those centre caps rings a bell. My son had some and when he's back from his trip to Germany in a few days I'll ask him.
It appears they are marked 7J x 15 which is too wide for an OE wheel and as John said the bolt holding the cap on does look like a TSW or the like.
I have some genuine rover wheels on my 45 and they have a cap that screws on with an allen key just like those and they are 5 spoke and 14" but the spokes are wider and completely flat, cant post a picture or I would.
I am pretty sure they aftermarket rims.

I have seen a lot on Mk3 astras (like yours) and a few on escorts and corsa B's of the same sort of age.
I might be getting them mixed up with the stealths i guess.
My guess is they were available from halfords or somewhere similar during the early 90s.

Edit: I think amtcoupe might be on to something!
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