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Hi, would anyone be interested in swapping my R reg Rover 800 Coupe for a small to medium sized automatic anything? I am reluctant to part with the car, but lack of storage space, imminent expiry of road tax and pressure from 'her indoors' have conspired to force my hand!

A few details of what I have :-

800 Vitesse (2 litre turbo) 2-door Coupe
Paint - Met black (still gleams!), easily repaired scratch to drivers door, slight bumper scuffs but no rust or dents
Cream leather interior (clean with no rips or damage)
Electric windows, mirrors, sunroof, aerial, although windows have recently stopped working (Relay clicks and system beeps but windows don't move)
R reg (I have owned it for 6 years)
Average mileage
Radio/cd with boot-mounted 6-cd autochanger
Aircon, pas, ABS, alloy wheels, locking wheelnuts
Heated mirrors & front seats
Computerised electric seat adjustment with 6-position memory
8 months MOT
5-speed manual
4 good tyres (space-saver spare!) - 2 new tyres less than 1000 miles ago
Central locking, alarm, immobiliser (although remote keyfob has died) and I DO have all the security codes!
New brake pads, & rear discs, but needs attention to handbrake
A nice looking car, always starts and drives beautifully

The 800 Vitesse Coupe was a very under-rated car, of which few were made and I reckon is a future classic. Fast, reliable, good-looking and this one has never been thrashed!

And a few details of what I'm looking for :-

Small to medium auto for my sister-in-law.
She would prefer a 2-door but says it must have music and sunroof!
Must be reliable. (She's disabled)

I am in Cheshire - if you want more details or to view the car, phone me on
0161 929 6532. Cash adjustment either way if appropriate.

Seperate sale of Coupe & purchase of auto also considered, although I need to move quickly as the coupe only has 2 weeks road tax and sis-in-law's current car has been T-boned into oblivion.
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