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Rover 75 Reverse Lamp Switch replacement

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Courtesy of Chaslee.....

Reversing switch on 75.

Don't follow manual - no need to remove underbelly panel or wheel arch lining and the rest of the bodywork.
Take off near side wheel.
Switch can be seen on gearbox behind suspension spring. 19mm Ring spanner just fits.
Unscrew old and fit new.
15 Mins including having ciggy and sitting back reflecting how short a time it took. Reverse lights now work :)
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I have just got round to doing this. For what its worth I reckon the problem isn't with the switch, it is with the connector just like the yellow airbag one under the seat. Before buying a new switch I would try cleaning the connector with WD40 or similar.

Where can i bye a reverse light switch for a auto rover 75??????


My Rover 75 auto diesel 2001, reverse lights have stopped working and gear select light have also stopped, also when i first pull off the car snatches. Only started when lights packed up...Can anyone help thanks..

P.s where can i bye a reverse light switch for an auto from..????
hi everyone my switch has gone i believe no reverse lights or beeping from sensors wont to have a look at doing this myself and just wondered if the location on the v6 manual is any different at all? and someone mentioned it being accessible without taking wheel of is this right? and what the hell am i looking for lol many thanks richard
Reversing Light Switch

No you will need to remove the Left hand front wheel, the switch is located on the back of the gearbox, you will need a 19mm combination spanner, I think. it's easy enough if your a competent home mechanic, I found the hardest part was removing the connector.
thanks mate i have found a switch on ebay for 5.99 delivered so was wondering if a garage has it up on a ramp is it a really quick job to do cheers again
reverse light switch

Hi, I discovered my reversing lights were out and bulbs were okay so I sought advice here and it's been great in pointing me to the switch only to discover mine was completely disconnected. After a bit of groping around the area, I found the cable, connected it up and, hey presto, reversing lights came on. However, so does a continuous beep. I suspect now that the switch was disconnected when I bought the car to hide this (given other issues I had with the car). I noticed at the time that there were no working parking sensors despite seeming to have them fitted (visually) so could this be the fault...I assume sensors are meant to give out an intermittent beep? Would a new switch fix the issue? Will it cause a problem left as it is (e.g. blown fuses)?
Any/all advice gratefully accepted.
The reverse light switch is not the cause of the parking sensor fault, it simply gives the the power feed to the parking ecu, the most likely culprit will be a sensor fault or wiring fault to the sensor behind the bumper.
Thanks. It's now started working properly so we'll see how long that lasts!
Hi guys need help it going to sound stupid I got a new reverse lamp switch plug it in and pushed the switch and the light didn't switch on dose the switch need to be in the gearbox to work ?
Where is the reverse light switch on a 2003 mg zt 190 , manual 5 speed?. My reverse lights are not working so I need to replace the switch I think. Thanks in advance.
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