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Rover 75 Club

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Me and my dad went to look at this car today and it is very nice!
Is it worth £8500, although the dealer said it was now at £7995.
Would offering £7000 be realistic?

What are the pros and cons of the 75 Club 1.8 aswell?

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There is no harm in trying the dealer, if he says no then you still havent lost anything!
1.8 75 Club

Hi Matt

Pro's and cons of 1.8 75 Club ?
All pros in my case, if I really had to fault my car then I would have to say its a bit slow off of the mark, (you'll never burn anyone off away from the lights in a 1.8,) but if you can live with that, it really is an excellent car and I look forward to every drive.
I've heard about the head gasket failure stories of the 1.8 engines but mine has covered over 112 K with no problems, just regular servicing and weekly checks.
I can honestly say its the best car I've ever owned, comfortable, 100% reliable,
built like a brick s*ithouse, and it looks like a little Bentley.
What more could you want ? I love it!

Regards Steve
thanks mate!

We are going to have a look tomorrow and see what happens!
Just one small point - that car pictures is a Rover 75 Club SE, not a 75 Club.
Indeed, many non MGR dealers forget to add the 'SE' to the description when selling a Rover 75 this can often cost them a sale as a mate of mine was after a Classic SE and a local dealer was advertising his model as a Classic therefore my mate didn't even bother to look at the car initially, it was only when he drove past the dealers site and noticed the car had alloys so could in fact be an SE version after all.

As Essex states the above pic is a Club SE which also features Front Fog Lamps and 16 inch Union Multispoke Alloys.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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