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I recently had some work done on the climate control in my Rover 75 Diesel inlcuding regassing. Whilst he was carrying out the work he noted that the fan was not coming on when the cc was on auto, plus there are some funny noises emanating from the cc and changes in revs when in traffic. Looking at the other threads in the forum it would appear to be the fan relay and I've been quoted up to £460 - eeek!! So I'm considering replacing it myself asisted by Will's excellent 'how to' thread but have a few questions;
- SMC on ebay are offering a cooling fan motor (4645580522) is this all I need?
- SMC mention that the wiring might need to be replaced depending on model, is this likely and is it a big job?
- The garage mentioned a modification that may need to be done, does anyone know what they might be referring to?
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