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Rover 75 CDt 2.0 -2002- exhaust fumes in cabin

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At 47000 miles - best car (almost) ever! Apart from going through front tires every 12000 miles - no compaints!

Suddenly - if driving with drivers window slightly open (Spring at last) there is a strong smell of exhaust in the cabin - goes away when window closed.

Have checked the exhaust system - sound as a bell, and the dealer checked the ECU which did need adjustment - it still smells of exhaust with the window open although not as unpleasant as it was before adjustment.

Dealer suggests driving it with the widow closed... surely we can do better than that? Another 7000 miles to go before next service!

Any ideas welcomed....
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iirc a guy on the yahoo 75/ZT forum has something similar In the event it turned out to be something plastic (and cheap) on top of the engine.

Here's the link to it though if you're not a member then you'll need to join to see it.

yahoo group


Sorry just realised he had a V6 and you have the cdt :twak2:

That group is still worth a look.

good luck

I wonder if there is an EGR leak somewhere that whips into the cabin air intake (which would have more air pushed through it when the window is open), or around into the cabin from the window???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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