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Rover 620Si - Gear and clutch oil change + spark plugs change

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Where is the gear box and clutch oil reservoir located? How to change it and what grade should I use?

Also thinking of checking spark plugs and I guess it has not been changed for a long time. No starting problems though. When I open the electrical contact for 4th plug it's all black carbon there is the exhaust fumes leaking from that?
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Ray_S said:
300km = 186 miles, sounds about right to me.

Full tank I get 250 to 270 miles (400 to 435km) town driving, 330 to 360 miles (531 to 579km) motorway/highway.
Plug change definatly reduced fuel consumption a lot and increased power at higher revs.
Did you change from Bosch super 4 to Denso standard or iridium?
Ray_S said:
Did you change from Bosch super 4 to Denso standard or iridium?
I changed from Bosch super 4 to Denso standard.
With the manual gearbox the clutch is hydraulically operated, the clutch reservoir is by the brake reservoir and is the smaller of the two, requires DOT4 brake fluid, bleed nipple is on front of the gearbox casing.

Gearbox oil, Honda MTF-7289 is required and as it's not available anywhere use XPart / Landrover MTF-94 as a substitute, around 2 litres is needed.

Gearbox drain plug is the square bolt, IIRC it's 3/8's, filler bolt is above.

Best advice if you are not sure what your are doing, beg borrow or buy Haynes 3257.

Sparkplug hole gasket might need replacing.

I got the MG rover tech data manual and there is says 10w-30 or 10w-40 for gear oil. Also MTF-94 is very expensive around 50 pounds in Norway.
I would use MTF-94 if you want to be problem free, should be available from any Land Rover dealer, even in Norway.

10mm sparkplug socket is required.
Should I use NGK ZFR6F-11 19 socket or 16 socket sparkplug for rover 620si?
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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